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How to Dab: A Beginners Guide to Vaporizing Concentrates/Wax

How To

What is a Dab?

You know those new fangled bong looking gadgets that youngsters are you using these days?  That’s for Dabbing. Dabbing is the act of using a bong specifically for Vaporizing Concentrates such as Wax, Oils, Butters, Shatter, Hash, and Kiefs.


wax hashConcentrates are extracted concentrated amounts of THC.  Most commonly known are Hashish and Kiefs. But now we welcome in the Oils and Waxes. The popularity buzz with Concentrates is that they contain anywhere from 60%-95% THC. That is incredible considering that most Flowers contain 30% THC or less. Concentrates are the next best things to edibles for the Medical Marijuana user like myself. The difference between all of these different forms of Concentrates is in the the way they are produced and how they appear after production.

wax hash Kief and Hashish are usually extracted from shaking/beating the plant or by a cold water extraction most commonly known as the bubble hash process. Wax, Oil, and Shatter can be extracted a few different ways. The Rosin Method of extraction is purely a heating extraction. The CO2 Method uses well, CO2.  The most popular method for extraction is the Butane Method. With the Butane Method you soak your plant matter in Butane and it then sucks out the THC in its extracted form. The BUTANE METHOD IS VERY DANGEROUS! We here at do not condone anyone performing a Butane extraction at home or unsupervised. If you blow up the trailer park, it’s your own damn fault.

Dab Rigs

dr dabber boost wax rig
(electronic dab rig shown above - 
Dr Dabber Boost )

Ok so to break it down a Dab Rig is the bong used to Vaporize Concentrates also known as wax. There are a few different pieces you will need for your Dab Rig to be complete.

The Tools

Before you start Dabbing away like a crazy person make sure you got all your Dabbing essentials. You will need...

Concentrates such as Wax, Oil, Hash. There’s no point in setting out to Dab without the right plant matter.

A Rig or  water pipe.

A Nail, that is made from glass, ceramic, quartz, or steel. E-Nails work perfectly fine also.

A Dome to place over the nail and keep your vapor concentrated.

And a Torch to heat the wax up.

The Setup

The Rig is basically a bong or a water pipe used to filter and inhale the Vapor. The Nail, looks similar to a regular nail except you stick this Nail into the down stem of the Rig and use this to heat up and Vape your Concentrates. There are E-Nails on the market that are Electric Nails that will heat the Nail up for you, if you do not have an E-Nail you will need a Torch. You will use the Torch to heat your Nail until it is

Red hot. Do Not Touch The Red Hot Nail!  Finally you will need a Tool or a Wax Wand to grasp your Concentrates and Dab them to the Nail as well as a Dome to cover your Nail.

How to Dab

Step 1. Use your Tool to grab your desired amount of Concentrate.

Step 2. Use the Torch to heat up the Nail.

Step 3. When the Nail is red hot remove the Torch flame and apply the Dome Cover over the Nail.

Step 4. While inhaling through the Rig mouthpiece take the Tool and Dab the end containing the Contrate against the inside of the Nail.  While inhaling Vapor should travel from the Nail under the Dome, through the down stem into the water and up the rig.

Step 5. Exhale Concentrate Vapor.

Step 6. Repeat Steps 1-5.

Wax Vaporizers / E-Rigs

If that is a little too complicated there are now E-Rigs on the market, where all you have to do is charge and Dab. The Dab Rigs are also known as wax vaporizers. You can find a good, decent sized Wax Rig ranging anywhere from $75-$600 and even higher. No matter how much you spend on a Rig if you clean it, maintain it, and use it carefully it should last you a hell of a long time.


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