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WARNING: Some products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vape Pods

Top 4 Best Vape Pods

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What Are Vape Pods?

The Vape Pod (not the be confused with the vape mod) is a portable handheld vaporizer system which vaporizes “pods” of e-juice. These pods come in pre-filled or refillable varieties and attach to your vape pod’s battery for easy use.

Vape pods sit at the mid-point on the spectrum between traditional vaporizer mods and ultra-portable vape pens. Vape pods offer larger batteries and higher capacity of e-juice than their smaller vape pen cousins, but don’t feature the power or flexibility of a full fledged vape mod.

The Vape Pod System

The main feature which distinguishes the vape pod from other portable vaporizers -- not to mention lends the system its name -- is the e-juice pod.

The e-juice pod performs the same function as a tank on a traditional vaporizer but features a simpler and more streamlined design. The pod holds your e-juice and draws vapor into the mouthpiece when you inhale.

Many gravitate towards vape pod systems for the convenience of disposable, single-use e-juice pods. These free you from the hassle of refilling the tank. They come pre-filled and only require you to attach them to your pod’s battery. These types of single-use pods are referred to as Closed System Vape Pods.

Refillable vape pods, on the other hand, are known as Open System Vape Pods. These require you to fill and refill them on your own, but they offer the ability to choose from a much wider selection of e-juices instead of being stuck with the limited range of pre-filled pods.

Is a Vape Pod Right for Me?

The vape pod offers a nice compromise between a large vape mod and a small vape pen. They offer better battery life and more power than a vape pen while maintaining a much more portable form factor than a full sized mod.

If you like vape pens but wish you could get more from their battery life, a vape pod is perfect for  you. But if you’re committed to the features and versatility of a vape mod, switching to a pod system could leave something to be desired.

Though some pods offer a few controls, many feature a buttonless design which doesn’t include so much as a firing button. These Auto-Draw vape pods can intelligently sense when you’re inhaling on the mouthpiece and activate automatically.

Since e-juice pods are not compatible with standard vape mods, if you’re looking to make use of some pods you’ll have to look for a vape pod system. Though open-system, refillable vape pods can be emptied and used in other vape setups, the disposable closed-system pods require a pod vape to be used at all.