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Pax Labs

Pax 3/2 Protective Silicone Case by VAPRCASE

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8 reviews
19.99 24.99

A unique silicon and durable case to protect your Pax 2 Vaporizer or Pax 3 from scratches and dirt.


  • New Version - Works with Charger
  • Durable Silicone Case
  • Perfect Fit
  • Allows Access to Mouthpiece, Oven Lid, Indication Lights, and Dock Charging


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  • Can you charge your Pax 2 while it's on?

    It made it harder to charge but was still able to if fiddled with. - Submitted by Customers

  • do you take paypal...?

    No, unfortunately we do not take paypal

Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 8 Reviews
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Should've bought sooner

Super convenient, protects your hand from the heat of the pax, and it has the perfect openings for the bowl and mouthpiece and also for the charger.

United States United States

Best I’ve tried

Great customer service; arrived on time!! Love my Pax3 skin!

United States United States
Slick Vapes Pax 3/2 Protective Silicone Case by VAPRCASE ReviewSlick Vapes Pax 3/2 Protective Silicone Case by VAPRCASE Review

Recommended for Sure

I was very happy to gotten the Pax 3 vaporizer for myself. However, I was disappointed in how hot the unit gets in the hands towards the tail end of a session. I started looking at sleeves & covers for it. Although there is a wide range of sleeves & covers available, most only show or work with the raised mouth piece. Almost 90% of those out there do not work with the flat mouth piece, which is preferred by the majority of Pax users. So I ran into this sleeve in my search and it looked like what I needed. Wasn’t too expensive so I took a shot. The sleeve feels good in the hands and fit night and snug around the vaporizer. The sleeve did not intrude at either the top or bottom of the Pax unit for loading or drawing. I actually haven’t taken it off since putting it on. Easy to clean off as well. After my first usage with the sleeve on, I can tell the temp difference in the hands. Although the unit still gets hot, it is now manageable and definitely helped. Now I can hold onto the my Pax without it getting too hot to handle. And the best part, I can use my preferred “flat” mouth piece. See pics. I would recommend it for sure.

Ruben S.
United States United States

So cool

This vape is the best looking, easy to use and most discreet ever! The vapour quality is also so smooth. The only drawback is the battery doesn’t last that long compared to my flowermate V5 which lasts for days. Otherwise I would highly recommend!

Danielle B.

Fits great

Fits snug and seems to protect well. Haven’t dropped it yet so time will tell how well. Looks and feels great.

Devon O.
United States

It potrect the pax 3 and you can grab the device better

The silicone case protect the end borders of the pax 3. Good product

Cristian S.
Slick Vapes Pax 3/2 Protective Silicone Case by VAPRCASE Review

best looking covers

i love that my pax 3 is no longer slippery on my hands and with this silicone cover over it, it prevents my Pax 3 from slipping off my hands and if it happens to I know my silicone cover want crack nor get dirty if it falls.

Robert G.
United States

Feels Nice

The case stretches exactly over the entire pax 2 vape. it provides a nice grip when held since the metal finish on the pax is really slippery. overall it's good, just wish that the charger was able to charge with it on more easily. i actually cut out a piece of the rubber so i don't have to remove it.

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