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Our Green Friends!

We'd like to offer a generous thank you to the following websites.  Cannabis Research A-Z 

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Different Kinds of Wires For Your Vape

A lot of smokers have switched from smoking to vaping. The fact that people know that they are slowly killing theirselves by smoking cigarettes and the struggle to improve their health made them stop smoking and start vaping. We all know that e-juice or e-liquid that we fill our atomizers or tanks with is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, usually with water-soluble food flavorings. Which is safe and edible. Nicotines are optional and customizable. Now we have to know about the compositions and types of wires that we use to make coils. 5 Types of Wire for...

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Safe Vaping With Ohm's Law

Safety in vaping needs a good understanding with battery safety and knowing your battery limitations. Then, you must consider to have a knowledge about Ohm's Law in order for you to tweak your coil builds and look for your vaping "Sweet Spot". First, what is Ohm's Law? Ohm's Law is the mathematical relationship among electric current, resistance, and voltage. I can hear your mind say "Really? Am I going to study it?". My answer to that is yes, but you don't really have to compute manually because there are a lot of ohm's law calculators online. Also, it will be...

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Special Wires For Your Flavorful Vaping Experience

As the community of vapers around the world grows, all that we use in vaping are being innovated. The mods and atomizers in terms of designs, quality and type of materials used, and their functionality. There are more brands of organic cottons were released. Some people called Special Wire Makers widened the choices of vapers on what type of coils they can use to determine their Vaping Nirvana. There are communities in some Countries that they classified the vapers into two types. One is Cloud Chasers which are fond of blowing thick clouds into the air. The other is Flavor...

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Ultimate Guide to Batteries, Top 4 Picks

As the days pass, a lot of batteries are being released by different manufacturers. It’s effect on the vaping community is a double-edged sword. The good part is, consumers have a lot of choices on which battery to use. Also it is an evidence that Vaping Industry is alive and doing well so vaporizers will not disappear in the market anytime soon. The bad part is, as different manufacturers release their own brand of batteries, the consumers are being left confused of what to choose. Some of the batteries are not performing as what is written in its wrapper (specs)....

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