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Which Vaporizer is Right For You?

With such a huge selection of vapes available, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which will suit you the best. It definitely comes down to a variety of factors, but  the biggest question to ask is what do you want out of your vaporizer? Are you looking for a way to cut back or stop smoking? Are you looking for a healthier way to enjoy cannabis or CBD? Do you need discretion or  power?

Vaping is an effective and healthier alternative to smoking. For this to work effectively, however, it’s important to get the vape that is right for your needs and to do that you need to know a little bit about the types of systems available:

Vape Pods

Vape Pods are newer on the market than some of the other options, but they’ve quickly gained a large hold and following. Vape pods are proprietary for the device they fit into, allowing the manufacturer to focus on the quality of their specific system. Pods offer a high quality vape at the cost of customization that other systems offer and, once the pod is used up, a new one must be purchased. Juul made this particular system popular, but other brands have entered the market offering an equally great products for both nicotine and cannabis users.

Tanks and Cartomizers

These particular systems date back to the early days of vaping, though the technology has improved greatly since then. Vape tanks provide a reservoir of either juice or oil that slowly seep into the atomizer as you vape from it. These differ from pods as the tank is reusable, only the coil must be replaced over time. These fit on a wide variety of devices, however some demand more power than others so be sure the device you’re using is strong enough for some of the higher performing tanks.

Dry Herb and Dab Vaporizers

There’s a wide world of different types of herbal and dab pen vapes out there that don’t necessarily fit into the previous mentioned groups. Most of these have a compartment of some sort that slowly heats up to a desired temperature allowing the slow vaporization of the desired materials. This is not limited to cannabis only, though that’s by far the most popular vape these systems provide.

Herbal and dab vaporizers come in a huge amount of sizes and shapes, so browsing to suit your needs is a definite must. Some prefer the stationary power of desktop vaporizers, that also provide an interesting centerpiece if you keep it out, and others like the portable discretion of handheld portable vapes. It’s up to you!

Research is key when picking out the perfect vape. Take a look at the massive selection we have here. We cover just about all the bases you could need. Once you find the one that is right for you the experience is unmatched by anything else. It’s worth the effort for both your health and your wallet.