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The DaVinci Vaporizer motto is “Vape intelligently.”Just like the man himself, DaVinci Vaporizers are ahead of their time. The DaVinci company has taken all the aspect of  the genius Leonardo da Vinci, science, engineering, art, mathematics, botany, and combined them all to create the DaVinci Vaporizers. These works of art are modern marvels in a world of miniscule Vaporizers.

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Highlights: Davinci IQC Vaporizer - Portable And Durable

DaVinci Vaporizers pride themselves on their easy Portability and their lasting Durability. All of their vaporizers are made with your convenience in mind. Their flagship vape just got better when the Davinci IQ Vape hit the market. This thing is awesome, slick design features, bright leds, fast heat up times, and a great dependable device that uses 18650 a single battery. It is small enough to pack on a bike ride and durable enough for a camping trip. One of the top portable vaporizers we've reviewed on the market, the perfect solution for dry herb connoisseurs.  


With the DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer you can freely Vape in public without getting the intense stoner stare down. The Ascent and all of DaVinci’s Vaporizing products hardly resemble a Vaporizer at all. They look more like walkie talkies than Vaporizers. Modern DaVinci ingenuity at its finest.

Temperature Control

All DaVinci Vaporizers come with an easily adjustable Precise Digital Temperature Control System. This allows you to find the perfect setting for your perfect Vape session. We are all different and we all Vape differently. The perfect Vape setting for me may not be the perfect setting for you. Remember to keep that in mind the next time you’re in a large Vape circle.