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Focus V

Focus V recently made a boom to its name after releasing the Focus V Carta Vape Rig V2 for sale. This portable rig is gaining it's ranks as the top dab rig on the market. 

Many of our visitors compare the Carta Dab rig with other great products like the Dr. Dabber Switch, and Puffco Peak.

From its design, features and portability, the Focus V Carta Rig is one of the best portable e-rig and underrated machine today. 

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Carta Vape Rig V2 - Is it worth the price?

Focus V Carta Vape Rig V2 should be one of the must have checklist. The desktop vaporizer that gives power and reliable functionality to it's user. With it's slick and modern design, this will be your best choice for on-the-go portable vaporizer.

Focus V Price and Performance

Carta Vape Rig V2 is more affordable than the two major models of smart portable vape rigs that is currently in the market today. Get what you pay for, the Carta Vape Rig is equip with modern features to enhance and give you the best vaping experience. Durability wise, it is built with borosilicate glass that has been the choice by most medical professional for its high resistance to thermal shock.

The carta can produce the best vapor quality. It has great flavor and pumps out a lot of vapor even on the lowest temperature. With an advance water filtration that allows the vapor to cool once more before hitting your lips.

Bottomline, Slick Vapes Highly recommend the Focus V Carta Vape Rig V2 to all that who want to try and who is into portable desktop vape rig platform.

Carta V2 vs Peak and Switch

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The Carta V2 is the best option for vape users that is looking for an affordable alternative for the Peak and Switch. One of the major advantage of the Carta V2 is the removable rechargeable battery, making it a perfect choice for vape users that is always on-the-go.

The Focus V Carta Vape Rig might not be the ideal device in terms of size compared to Switch and the Peak, it's a little way over 7 inches. The Peak being the smallest stands at 7 inches while the Switch is the largest among the three with a measurement of around 9.5 inches. When it comes to form stability the switch might be left behind since Carta and Peak have a stable triangular profile form, giving it a firm and solid posture.

Focus V Carta Vape Rig, Dr. Dabber Switch and Puffco Peak are exceptional devices in terms of performance. But, Carta V2 is slightly the perfect choice since it give consumer a wide range of option, functionality and customization.