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Desktop Vaporizers

Ah yes, looking for the best Desktop Vaporizers or Table Top Vaporizers for sale? Call them what you will. I think we all remember searching through our father’s closet after school. Finding hidden, right behind the stack of dusty records and classic 70’s “forbidden” magazines, a bag of seedy brown dirt weed schwag and a Desktop Vaporizer that weighed more than a ton. These are not those Vaporizers.

Best Desktop Vaporizers for Sale!

TOP 4 Picks! Best Desktop Vaporizers for Dry Herb!


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Bag Vaporizers for Sale

For the medicators out there with the iron lungs who preferably enjoy the Bag attachment Vaporizer the Godfather of them all, the Volcano will make you an offer you can’t refuse. We here at Slick Vapes understand that the Volcano doesn’t just pack a wallop to your lungs but also to your wallet, that is why we also stock cheaper alternatives like the Vapir Rise Version 2.

Whip and Wand Vaporizers

Some of us Vape fans out here don’t care for the hassle of blowing up a balloon or have the lung capacity to clear it. Some of us just want to sit back and relax as we puff away on our Whip Vaporizers.  The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a perfect example of our collection of Whip and Wand Vaporizers. With 3ft of hose you are free to Vape and relax not just Vape to relax. You like the Silver Surfer, but the angle is throwing you off? Take a look at the Surfer’s little cousin Da Buddha Vaporizer, it will Vape you to Nirvana. You can find those in the 7th Floor collection.

Herb Vaporizers / Flower

For the Flower specific Vape aficionado The PLENTY Vaporizer’s lightweight ergonomic design might be just what you are looking for. Looking for a more classic design?

Concentrates Vaporizers

For all the Dabbers and Wax Concentrates fans out there check out the totally awesome New Dabber Boost Black Edition.