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Space Case Grinders

All Space Case grinders and sifters come with a Lifetime Warranty!

Space Case Grinders has been around manufacturing original grinders for decades. Nothing much has changed over the years but the the top tier quality has been the same. The Space Case Grinder 2.0 Small 2 Piece is probably one of their best selling product. Its small but it does the job really well. If you think 2 Piece is not enough, you can always go with the Space Case 4 Piece Grinder that comes with different sizes from small, medium and large. You can also choose between silver and titanium which is really awesome! Lets not forget about the Scout Grinders, you'll get a perfect, fine, fluffy grind from these bad boys.

Decades of Quality

The company was started by owner Tim Brady who has over 35 years of experience as a machinist. His parts have been used in everything from surgical equipment to the Space Shuttle. His ideas helped introduce the new standard of grinders to the market, innovating such ideas as magnets and quality USA-made metal into his products. Plus, every single Space Case product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Types of Grinders

There’s a few lines of Space Case grinders out there. They all are made with the same incredibly quality, but they fit different needs and quantities needed for grinding.

The most basic option is a two-piece grinder that will quickly shred up your herbs. No frills or extra features, this is a great grinder to have around to simply get the job done.

Next up is the three piece set with razor sharp diamond shaped teeth that also includes an in-built storage container. Think of this one as a sort of all-in-one stash and tool station. This and a vaporizer is just about all you’ll ever need to relax.

Finally, there are the 4-piece sets that include a grinder a sift and kief catch. These are pretty rad and allow you to enjoy your herbs, and save the most aromatic pollens for later. This can be pressed and turned into hash or vaped as is for an incredibly powerful experience.

All of these grinders, except the 3-piece, come in different sizes as well. Small ones are great for discreet portability, but can be overloaded easily. Mediums are a great all around option that can handle a decent sized load, without be cumbersome in size. The large sized grinders are amazing to keep on the table and can handle just about any amount of herb you throw at it.