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eNails & eRigs (Electronic Nails)

eNails (Electronic Nails) & eRigs (Electronic Rigs) For Sale

Slick Vapes provides the best electronic nails and eRigs for dabs online. Shop our line of e-nails and enail kits to complete your collection. We provide coupons for all items including any electronic dab rig for sale.

For all your wax, oil and concentrate needs, purchase an e-nail or electronic dab rig from Slick Vapes.

What is an E-Nail?

An Electronic Nail (or E-Nail) is an accessory which attaches to a bong or water pipe to facilitate vaporizing concentrates such as dabs or waxes. Portable E-Nail rigs are also available, incorporating the E-Nail, battery, and water pipe into a single unit.

The E-Nail is a thin piece of a sturdy metal (often titanium,) ceramic, or glass (the “nail”) attached to an electric heating element. After turning the E-Nail on and allowing the nail to warm up, you can use the heated surface to nearly instantly vaporize any wax, dabs, or other concentrates.

Benefits of E-Nails

Compared to a traditional dab rig setup, E-Nails offer some substantial benefits in terms of safety and simplicity. Where a traditional nail requires the use of a butane or propane torch firing an open flame at your nail, the E-Nail requires nothing more than a battery or wall outlet to produce its heat.

Since a E-Nail is continuously heated unlike a traditional nail which must be reheated between each hit, a good E-Nail lets you rapidly take multiple hits with far less downtime and hassle.

You’re also likely to notice some savings. Though an E-Nail requires a bit of upfront investment, over the long term it can be much cheaper than buying and burning expensive gases like butane or propane for every hit. For the committed dabber, an E-Nail can help cut down on the expense of your hobby.

What You Need to Use an E-Nail

You’ll find two types of E-Nails: standalone kits and attachments.

Standalone kits (sometimes called E-Nail Rigs) give you everything you need to use your e-nail. They are often portable -- incorporating a rechargeable battery as a power source -- and are attached to a small water pipe, giving you everything you need to vaporize your favorite concentrates on the go.

Attachment E-Nails are designed to be used with your favorite bong or water pipe. Just ensure the joint sizes are compatible to ensure a proper connection and you’re off to the races. This is the way to go if you have a specific piece of glass you want to use, or if you’re not concerned with the portability of an e-nail rig.