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7th Floor

Some of the most popular products 7th Floor has to offer are the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer, Da Buddha Vaporizer and Life Saber Vaporizer.

7th Floor Vaporizers

For more than 10 years now 7th Floor Vaporizers has been satisfying customers all around the globe with their own unique brand of Vaporizers. First coming onto the scene with Desktop Vaporizers and now moving in with their own exclusive Handheld Style Vaporizers.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

All of the 7th Floor Vaporizer products are great to add to your collection of Dry Herb Vapes and they suit both the afficianado and the beginner alike.

Desktop Vaporizers

When 7th Floor Vaporizer’s conquered the market more than 10 years ago they did it with the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, and they are still riding the Surfer’s wave! Why shouldn’t they, 7th Floor created the first Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housed Vaporizer that was a marvel to us all. Sure it’s an oldie, but a goodie, the Silver Surfer’s angle makes loading and unloading your favorite Dry Herb a piece of Cake. A few puff on the Surfer and your head will be soaring to galactus. Not your style don’t you worry because we have the Surfer’s little brother, Da Buddha Vaporizer! This Whip and Wand Vape uses handblown Glass on Glass attachments to ensure you receive the cleanest and smoothest Vapor possible.

Handheld Vaporizers

Yes they have finally done it, 7th Floor Vaporizers has moved away from their Desktop Vape roots and delved into the ever booming world of Handheld Vaporizers. The 7th Floor Life Saber is an easy to use Handheld Vaporizer with a 10 inch power cord and an All Glass Vapor Path. This interesting piece of machinery can even be attached to your favorite water-pipe to create, super-bong!