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CCell vaporizer cartridges for sale! Say goodbye to leaky cartridges, CCell gives you the leakproof cartridges for a guaranteed best vaping experience. The last type of cartridges that you need. Designed and tested by professionals with years of experience to develop and create the purpose-built cannabis cartridges. These vape cartridges are recommended to paired with a CCell batteries to reach the best flavor and performance.

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CCell Vaporizer Products

CCell was fopunded at the headquarters of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited that is one of the leading and experts in vaping business industry. Developed by a technology that is built on a revolutionary heating element that replaces the cotton fiber with porous ceramic, a technology that will give you smoother oil and eliminates burnt oil taste for a luxury vaping experience.

CCell Product Warranty

You can return your purchase of all unused and unopened products within 30 days after delivery. Simply send it back to us for a complete refund or store credit of the purchase price less shipping*. Due to the nature of the devices that we sell, we cannot accept returns of any used and opened products (for hygienic reasons). We highly recommend carefully researching the product you wish to purchase prior to ordering. If you would like any additional information about a product before making a purchase, please contact us; Our team is a very very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable about our product line and have no problems pointing you in the right direction when it comes to vaporizer choices. Visit our Return Policy page for more information.

For the CCell Palm warranty please contact
Phone: 480-867-6100

CCell batteries - Palm vs Silo? Which is better?

The CCell Palm and the CCell Silo are both good and unique vapeline batteries. A lot of people are confused which one should they buy. Here are some of our detailed comparison of the two vapes for you to decide which is better for your vaping style.


Both includes a strong magnetic adapter to establish a secure a cartridge connection resulting a much more leakproof vape. These batteries has a wide selection of color variation, for you to choose which is the best one that fits your style and mood. Each model comes equipped with a USB charging cable and two magnetic adapters in addition to the portable vape itself.


The main difference between the CCELL Silo and the CCELL Palm is in their shape. The Silo is designed with a narrow frame that is ticker than Palm. The Silo can give you an airflow is always on point also and features a window that offers a view and visibility on the side to see your THC cartridge’s oil level making it easy keep up on your distillate levels. Overall, it’s a charmingly compact package that allows for discreet use.

The CCELL Palm employs a wider thinner shape than Silo, giving it a more polished look than the Silo. It also seems a bit more fragile due to its thinness. While the CCELL Palm doesn’t use a window, the body cuts away to expose the cart so you can still maintain an awareness of concentrate levels.

Palm has a 550 mAh battery and the Silo has a 500mAh battery, making the CCell Palm hold large battery capacity and long battery life.

If you have the chance, test and check out how each model feels in your hands or in your pocket. We have heared each individual praising both CCELL vape models. For us here at Slick Vapes both are outstanding vape batteries for their price.

Refilling your CCell Oil Cartridges

Oil cartridges, commonly called as the 510 cartridge as they all use a standard threading type which is really handy. It comes in multiple sizes (0.3, 0.5, and 1mm), these cartridges from CCell are actually refillable. Not really infinitely refillable, but for sure you can use them more than once.

The easiest way to get your concentrates to this cartridges is by using a glass syringe with a short blunt tip needle.

Simply unscrew the mouthpiece then place the needle tip into the main body of the cartridge and press the plunger to start filling the cartridge. Be sure to go slowly so you won't waste any concentrates outside the cartridge. Carefully screw the mouthpiece back on and secure it. Carefully wipe down the seal to prevent stickiness. Put the magnetic adapter at the bottom and plug it right into your CCell system

Note: If the concentrate that you are using to fill the cartridge is very sticky, use a hairdryer to get a very light heat. Don't get it too hot or really warm, just warm it up as little as possible to reduce the thickness and viscosity of the concentrate so you can easily add more.