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Storz & Bickel

Makers of the "Godfather of Vapes", Storz & Bickel are known worldwide for their powerful desktop Volcano Vaporizer. One of the first of its kind, the "bag style" desktop vaporizer uses hot air to inflate a chamber of smoke into its balloon. They have also added a few additional products to their line including the Mighty, Crafty and Plenty compact sized vapes. Once you try the their vapes it's clear to see why they have stood the test of time.


Storz & Bickel’s Line Up

When you’re talking about prestigious products they need to offer quite a few things to be considered as such. Innovation, usability, effectiveness and an iconic look that shows that it’s a great product before it is even in use, all of this and more come with every item with the Storz & Bickel brand and in spades. Check out the current offerings right here:

The Plenty

Who says functionality can’t look good? The Plenty offers a lot of vapor, a lot of flavor and a lot of power in a handheld device. This stylish piece of engineering works not only with dry herbs and hard concentrates, but also oils if used in conjunction with the included drip pad.

This is a great option for the vaper who is looking to branch out into higher end models that also wants a great looking piece to pass around with their friends, or just to enjoy for themself.

The Plenty has an extra large chamber and was designed to provide enough power and cooling for a lot of use for whenever you need plenty.

The Crafty

Slightly more discreet than The Plenty is The Crafty. The Crafty packs just as much power as the former while also allowing increased customization with their mobile app that allows you to change the settings to whatever you need at a moments notice.

Flavor, power and high yields all in a stealthily technologically advanced package. The Crafty is a great choice for an all around vape system.

The Mighty

This vape is a legitimate pocket-sized powerhouse. It works via a convection cooling system, meaning it heats up at a moments notice, and combines this with conduction to ensure an amazing hit every use.

The Mighty works great with either dry herbs, oils and concentrates. There’s very few things on the market that provide this much power and portability. A definite must buy for those who are serious about their vaping.

The Volcano

It doesn’t really get much more iconic than The Volcano vaporizer. This was the big guy that really started popularizing the vape scene all the way back in 2000.

The Volcano works by heating up your dry herbs, concentrates, oils, etc to your desired temperature and pushing the resulting vapor into a large reusable bag that hovers gently above the main chamber of the vaporizer. Once it’s filled up, simply take the bag, inhale and sit back for one of the all time greatest and classic vapes of your life.

Obviously as the years have gone by the Volcano has modernized itself, offering a large LCD screen for customizing your desired temperature and output, but the core concept remains as powerful as it ever was. The Volcano, arguably the greatest vape of all time, can be yours right now.