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Vape Accessories

What are Vape Accessories?

A modern portable vape require several accessories to keep up and running. These include coils, tanks, atomizers, and batteries -- at the very least. While accessories like atomizers and tanks are often one-time purchases, coils and batteries tend to need replacement.

Fortunately, we’ve got every essential vape accessory -- and less essential luxury items -- available to keep your vape up and running.

Experiment With Vape Accessories!

Want to shake things up a bit? With a little bit of research, you can find a whole host of compatible accessories which can be used to customize your vape.

Select from our expansive catalog of different atomizers and coils to find a unique combination which gives your mod new life. Or find a more reliable, longer lasting battery to keep you going throughout the day. Battery life not the problem? Find a tank with a higher capacity than your current one.

You’ll also want to keep those batteries charged. The best way to do so is with a battery charging accessory. Just remove your batteries from the mod and pop them into your battery charger. Most plug into a conventional wall outlet. But if you’re on the go, you can also opt for a car adapter or a USB-powered charging solution.

Spare Vape Coils and Replacements

It’s always good to have some spare coils on hand. It’s much more convenient to reach for a replacement on your shelf than order a new set, so stock up!

Similarly, it’s a good idea to keep a couple spare batteries around. This can eliminate downtime when charging; just swap in your charged battery and charge the one you’ve been using.

You can even benefit from having multiple tanks. Enjoy switching e-juice flavors but not a big fan of the “transitionary” taste as the two flavors blend? Get a couple tanks to keep filled with your favorite flavors and never worry about getting an unusual blend.

Advanced Vape Accessories

With our expansive catalog of coils, you can select everything from the coil material (be it ceramic or metal) to the resistance to the wattage rating to the type of cotton in your coil. With a bit of care and research, you can really see what your vape can do!

Want to get even more advanced? We offer a complete coil wrapping kit which gives you every tool you need to assemble your own coils at home. Now you can truly dive deep into customizing your vape!