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Vape Pen Batteries

We have a huge collection of vape pen batteries for dab, concentrate, and oils. In general, most vape pen batteries are 510 compatible batteries that use 510 compatible threaded cartridges and attachments. 

✅ Top Picks, Best Vape Pen Batteries of 2023!

All the 510 vape cartridge ready pens below are variable voltage and compatible with most 510 threaded.

💡 What Features to Look for in a Vape Pen Battery?

When buying your first dab vape pen battery, you should consider the following features in order to ensure you select the best quality:

  • Voltage (Power) Make sure your battery has enough power to supply the cartridge you are using. Ceramic atomizers common in newer cartridges need higher voltages which some batteries don't offer. Also be careful of using too high a voltage as this can also burn your cartridge.
  • Auto Draw vs. Button Activated (Using button activated batteries will allow you to "pre-heat" your coil where as auto draw is much more convenient and will only fire during inhalation.)
  • Capacity or mAh (Battery Life!) Are you at home and want something small? or do you want to take this traveling an need it to last all week? The choice is yours - 350mah will last a day or so, while 1300mah+ can last a week depending on use. :)
  • Warranty (All the batteries we carry have great manufacturers warranties)
  • Looks (Style) - Want that purple battery to match your gear? Boom we got you covered, and rainbow is the second best selling colors of course next to black)

🔋 How Long Until I Need To Recharge my 510 Pen Battery? Vape Pen Battery Life & Why it is Important.