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You're awesome! 
Thanks for the quick responses too! Haven't seen responses this fast since like...forever.
Brian J. | 12/28/2017

Thank you so much! This companies customer service has been phenomenal, I will surely be a recurring customer. 

Nicholas K. | 9/05/2017


  Thank you for your fast service. I love your business.

Jesse B. | 6/27/2017


I just wanted to let you know that your customer service is beyond reproach.  Any contact made with your reps was answered in a matter of minutes and was handled extremely professionally.
I appreciate your amazing service and will be a long time customer of Slick Vapes.
Michael D. | 6/9/2017


Hello Slick Vapes Team, I am a first time customer and just wanted to let you guys know how wonderful the order experience was. I love the website and the order status tool. Everything is well desgined and really customer friendly. Also, I appreciate this great promo you are doing for the Pax 3. Free overnight shipping immediately hooked me in. Keep up the solid work and I'm sure I'll be back for my vaping needs. 

 Michael M. | 5/5/2017


I got my Pax 2 on Friday and I can't believe how great you guys are! I am overjoyed and extremely impressed by your customer support. You guys are my new store for everything related to Pax. I can't thank you enough. You went way above and beyond! Thank you again.

Shirley L. |  4/4/2017


Thank you for being so understanding. Slick Vapes will be the 1st place I check for all my future needs. 

Is there a preferred place to leave a review raving about your excellence? I'll wordsmith up some colorful imagery about how anyone who doesn't shop there is letting themselves and the rest of humanity down. 

Or if not a review then maybe you can include one of these quotes in your customer (I'll order some accessories today so I can count as a customer) testimonials -

"Slick Vapes is so great Donald Trump thinks he came up with it."

"Slick Vapes is an understatement. They should be called Slick... Super Good Awesomely Orgasmic Vapes."

"I wrote a ridiculous anecdote to go with my order cancellation and they humored me without making me feel dumb. 10/10 - would send stories to again."

"They made me feel like an actual human being."

"I owe their customer service a beer."

"Take it from this handsome stranger. You want to shop here."

"If companies were family members, Slick Vapes would be the fun Uncle with all the cool stuff."

......Can I get a job in your marketing department? I won't get my hopes up....

Thanks again!

Maximilian S. | 3/30/2017


Thanks so much Mark. I thought I was going to have trouble with warranty as I'm in Canada and you're in the US. I'm sure I'll be buying from slickvapes again!

Shannon P. | 2/20/2017


Received it yesterday thank you very much. I just want to add a simple f***ing bad ass to my message. I love it.

Thank You!

John T. | 2/14/2017


Hi Mark

Marty received his pax2 today and is thrilled!

Thank you!

Love & Light

Kristin J. | 1/24/2017


Love u guys best customer service ever

Andrew B. | 12/7/2016

Hey Mark!
I just wanted to let you know I received my Pax 2 and I am in love!! It is just beautiful and compact and gets the job done.
I can't thank you enough for figuring out the shipping and what not for me.  I truly appreciate it :)
Thank you so much to yourself and the Slick Vapes team!
Allison K. | 10/6/2016

Good Afternoon Joseph,

I thank you very much for your email and for your personal number which I will use if I have any more questions.  It feels good to know the value of a consumer continues even after the product has been purchased. I will follow your advice as well as Mark who contacted me initially. ...

... I am happy to receive such wonderful customer service.

Thank you,

Fahiza A. | 10/6/2016

GreatLove the dabber Thx for speedy delivery.

Robinlyn S. | 8/24/2016


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for sending the replacement. I had a very positive overall customer service experience and I really appreciate that. I plan on making many future purchases.


Drew M. | 08/17/2016 

Hey Mark!!

Thank you so much for checking for me to make sure!
I am really looking forward to getting the dr dabber!
Thank you for your awesome customer service!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Courtney H. | 8/15/2016 


Just wanted to say thank you.!  Arrived super quick and discreet and I honestly could not be happier. 

You folks are awesome.  Thanks again.

Girlie G. | 8/04/2016


I sincerely appreciate the help that you have provided me, I am very happy now. I can't wait to use the product and purchase more from you in the future because of your assistance. Thank you for making it right and covering the costs. I apologize for the inconvenience, USPS has never needed an apartment number to deliver to my address as there are only 2 units in the house. I am eagerly awaiting the new tracking number! Thank you!

Petey C. | 7/19/2016



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