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  • Boundless CFV Vaporizer by Boundless
  • Boundless CFV Vaporizer by Boundless
  • Boundless CFV Vaporizer by Boundless
  • Boundless CFV Vaporizer by Boundless
  • Boundless CFV Vaporizer by Boundless
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Boundless CFV Vaporizer

1 review
dry herb weed vaporizers
Dry Herb
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The Boundless CFV, a convection airflow aromatherapy device that allows a customizable user experience.

Interchangeable heat retention rings provide different flavors and added retention of chamber heat. 

As technology progresses, so does the evolution of portable aromatherapy devices. The Boundless CFV takes the latest in convection heating technology and enables a customizable aromatherapy experience like no other.

Featuring interchangeable heat retention rings made out of African rosewood and quartz, the user has the option to experience a variety of flavors and effectiveness.

The Boundless CFV is a convection airflow aromatherapy device utilizing the power of heated air to create an aromatherapy experience that is tasteful and efficient.


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  • Is this CFv dry herb vaporizer???

    Yes, the CFV is a dry herb vaporizer :)

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Slick Vapes Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review

Plastic taste

Taste like plastic. Colour is peeling after cleaning with alcohol.

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