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Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Ships same day! (on orders placed by 2pm EST business days)
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  • FREE GIFTS: We're offering a set of Davinci IQ Spacers with any purchase of the Davinci IQ. For a limited time only, while supplies last. Replaceable 18650 battery w/micro USB charging
  • Jaw dropping bright LED display which shows temperature as it rises
  • Smart App - Remotely turn on and adjust your device

IQ Accessories

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    The DaVinci IQ is a premium portable device that fits nicely into your slim jeans and vaporizes dry herb in style! The editors at slick vapes can not seem to put this thing down! The easy-to-load ceramic heating chamber produces strong and flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. Featuring an exclusive Smart Path technology, Davinci IQ allows users to create their own vaping experience with the precise four-set temperature control system. Its anodized aluminum casing protects the device from damage. Slick 51 LED grid display provides a sophisticated ultra-modern feel while you enjoy the purest vapor.


    The level of flavor has elevated because of the IQ's mouthpiece. Users can draw only the purest flavor you'll ever taste from a vaporizer. Its made from the highest quality material including the ceramic zirconia air path. The IQ vaporizer is definitely the best vaporizer you can get.



    With the Smart Path Technology, user will be able to choose from 4 different temperature settings and let the device automatically set the best temperature for you. Its as simple as that.

    Davinci IQ is the only vaporizer that combines 3 different functions - Smart Path mode, Precision mode and Boost mode. It guides the user for the best vaping experience.



    The new app allows the user to have full control over their session. Users can track their smart path usage and see more information about the device maximizing the capabilities and functions. Now you can turn on your vaporizer using your smart phone. 

     What's in the Box:

    • Davinci IQ Device
    • 18650 Davinci IQ Battery
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Alcohol Wipes
    • Chimney Brush
    • Keychain Tool
    • 10mm Adapter (Mouthpiece)
    • Carry Can

    Recommended Optional Accessories:

    Davinci IQ Vaporizer: Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Is the vaporizor descreet as far as containing/minimizing the odor from the smoke--much like an oil vape pen?

      It is discreet for minimizing odor as compared to any combustion methods like smoking via pipes, glass pipes/bongs. It is similar to the odor from an oil vape pen but the aroma is more flowery/plant like than that of a oil or wax pen.

    • when you smoke weed does this let the smell out keeps it in

      Hello. Sorry, but what do you exactly mean? Please don't hesitate to email us at 

    • This is just to confirm, but does it come with a manufacturer's 10-year warranty?

      Hello. Yes it comes with 10 year manufacturer's warranty. 

    • If ordered from here, does it come with the charger and batteries?

      Yes it does. 

    • What does the IQ come with when ordering from here?

      The kit includes: 

      1x DaVinci IQ 1x DaVinci Tool 1x USB Cable 1x Keychain w/Tool 1x Cleaning Brush 1x Extended Mouthpiece 9x Cleaning Swabs 1x 10 mm Water Tool Adapter 1x Carry Can 1x Owner’s Manual

      +Free acrylic grinder from Slick Vapes. 

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    Ken N.
    United States

    Not quite what I expected from a $275 device

    My review of 3 stars is based on the MSRP of $275. The functionality/usability of this device is nowhere near the MSRP, lucky for me I got it on sale for $190. Despite the cons I will list below, I feel this device is a solid 4 star product when at or below $190. The controls are finicky. The switch between C & F often triggers the brightness setting and/or the IQ mode. Even with the instructions it takes as a few tries, but in the process it often heats the herb up to a higher temperature than desired, because it starts heating immediately after turning it on. This could have been solved by remapping the existing buttons a little or adding a button for heat on/off when single pressed, and when held down it switches C/F. The settings are not saved when you replace the battery, a HUGE oversight, especially when coupled with the unreliable controls. So a key feature of this model, a replaceable battery, is more trouble than it's worth. I always charge it through the USB port, despite owning 6 high current/high draw 18650 batteries, 4 of which are 2.5aH 35A peak. This is a major selling point that looks more like a hind sight addition. It's 2019, NVM is dirt cheap. I have universal remotes made 10 years ago that don't lose settings when you replace the batteries. There is a ball that presses down the dry herb after you close the chamber. It often comes loose when trying to brush off the used herb and there are no instructions on what to do when this happens. I stumbled on this myself, and it requires twisting the ball on like a nut, clockwise. And because it's a metal ball, you can't do this if it falls out during a stir (I always stir after a few puffs) because it's at the temp you set, which is usually at or higher than 350F/180C. They really should have made this piece out of something that releases heat quickly, like aluminum or some insulator. There is not enough information on the included chamber and what you can put into it. Sure I can Google, but the manufacturer really needs to be the one giving us this info. And last but not least...for $275 it should have come with a concentrate option. However, since this is not a feature, it didn't impact the rating. And, to end on a positive note...I do like the mouthpiece that allows you to hook the device up to an external water filled device for extra cooling.

    United States

    Saved my marriage

    So good it hurts

    Andrew B.
    United States

    Really Love, but it Gets Really Hot

    I love the DaVinci IQ. I love it so much that I bought a second one for my fiancée. She loves it too, but both of us agree that the vape gets way too hot. It has the standard 10 minute shutoff timer, but after about 5-7 minutes, the surface is hot enough to burn both of us. Other than the heat, we both love this vape. In addition to the IQ, we have tried the cheapo stick versions, the POTV Starry (we like this one, too), the Square Pro, and the CFC Lite. Of all the vapes that I’ve had, the IQ is FAR and AWAY the best that I’ve ever tried. Great flavor, great performance, great features. I can’t say if it’s better or worse than any desktop vapes like the Volcano, because I’ve never used any. But as far as portable vapes, this one is top notch.

    United States

    All Around Great

    The product shipped right away, the way it ships it isn’t obvious it’s a vape, it arrived quickly and works great. This is a popular product and there are fakes floating around out there, so be careful. Upon careful examination, this is clearly a genuine device as advertised. Thank you!

    Michael T.
    United States

    Thrilled with the IQ.

    I am thrilled with the Davinci IQ that I bought from I look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with this vape.

    David F.
    United States

    Slick little vape

    I just received this amazing vape a few days ago so I am still in the learning phase. Lucky it's easy to use right out of the box, but getting best results requires a bit more study. Trial and error because many opposing opinions are shared online. Anyway Vapes have come a long way in the last few years. Better components in small discreet packages. Love this iq so far. Let's see how it holds up.

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