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Atmos Vaporizers

Atmos, the leading brand in innovative, discreet, Pen Style Pocket Vapes, is essential for all of our full flavored vaporizing experience. Whether you prefer to vape wax, oils, or just plain old classic flower Atmos has the Vape that is perfect for you. All powered by the legendary Atmos Lithium-Ion Battery.

Pen Style

The Atmos classic Pen Style Vape is perfect for the on the go stoner. Put it in your pocket wherever you go. With the lightweight Atmos Vicod 5G Vaporizer you are free to vape discreetly. Atmos is perfection in portability.

Convection Oven and Conduction

Atmos specializes in producing both Conduction Heating Vapes as well as Convection Oven Vapes. The Atmos R2 Vaporizer is a Convection Oven Vaporizer that is perfect for solid concentrates. The Atmos Jump Portable Herbal Vaporizer is a fine example of Conduction Heating Vaporizer.

Oils, Concentrates, and Flower

Atmos has a vast array of different types of Vaporizers for different types of Vape-users. The Amos A-Pen 510 is a wonderful lightweight Oil Cartridge based Vape. For all you Wax fans out there the Atmos Dart Vaporizer is perfect. And last but not least all the OG Flower Vape fans out there the Atmos Boss is a true gangster.

Something Different

Atmos is known for being new, innovative, and different, that is what hast kept the Atmos name at the top of the market for so long. The Atmos difference is what sets them apart from all the other Pocket Pen Vapes available. But if the Pen Style is not for you, don’t turn away from Atmos just yet. For a Portable Vape that is just a little different from your typical Pen Vape, the Atmos Transporter Vaporizer and the Atmos Vicod 5g Vaporizer are great new leaps forward in the Atmos Vaporizing World.