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Dry Herb Atomizers

Top Selling Dry Herb Atomizers for Vapes

Below is our hand picked selection of dry herb atomizers. Another great and easy and quick way to vape loose leaf as these are compatible with 510 batteries and dab pens

Dry herb atomizers are devices which can be attached to a traditional vape mod and enable you to vaporize dry herb materials.

Working much like a traditional dry herb vaporizer, a dry herb atomizer draws electrical current into a metal or ceramic heating element which heats the herb to its vaporization point.

One of the most portable ways to vaporize dry herbs, a dry herb atomizer can open up an entirely new realm of possibility for your trusty old vape mod.

Will a Dry Herb Atomizer Work with My Vape Mod?

Our dry herb atomizers are designed to work with your standard vape mod. They feature widely compatible thread sizes (typically 510 threads,) and offer resistance and wattage ratings compatible with a vast selection of vape mods. 

To ensure compatibility for your specific mod, be sure to look for wattage, resistance (in Ohms,) and thread size of any dry herb atomizer. Compare these specs to the manufacturer’s details for your particular vape mod.

Using a Dry Herb Atomizer 

Because dry herb atomizers don’t rely on an e-juice or liquid to vaporize, their operation is a little different than a typical vape.

First, your dry herb needs to be prepared and loaded into the dry herb atomizer’s tank. Cut, grind, or pulverize your herb into a fine bundle and pack it loosely into the tank.

Once loaded, the herb will take a bit to heat up before vaporizing. Do not expect an instant pull of vapor as you might when vaping an e-juice. To get the most from your dry herb atomizer, consult the manufacturer's instruction for the optimal temperature or wattage to vaporize at, and how long to wait for the device to heat up.

After a few solid pulls, your dry herb material will be spent. It should be unloaded from the tank and replaced with fresh dry herbs. You can tell when it is time to refill as the amount of vapor decreases, or the flavor changes dramatically.