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Vape Mods are modified e-cigs and vape pens. E-cigarette mods, TC mods, mech mods, VV/VW mods are the different types of vaporizer mods. Many new mods come with built in adjustable voltage, wattage, and temperature settings. If you need help just ask, we carry most mods, tanks, e-juice and atomizer refills not listed on this site. 

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What is a Vaporizer Mod?

In a handheld vaporizer, the Mod is the part of the device which draws power from the batteries and sends it to the vaporizer’s coils to produce heat. Mods are the largest and most recognizable part of any vape.

Modern mods include LCD screens which allow you to program and manage your vape, or ergonomic grips to add a bit of comfort to your vape. They are also equipped with essential circuitry known as regulators, which controls the voltage drawn from your batteries.

Not only do regulators provide a vital safety mechanism, they also offer exacting control over the temperature and wattage of your vape.


How To Choose a Vape Mod

There’s no shortage of vape mods to choose from. If you’re looking for something new to get started with, you might be better off opting for a complete kit equipped with mod, tank, and coils, rather than trying to purchase a standalone vape mod.

However, if you know a bit about what you’re doing, they key question is compatibility. Firstly, everyone has their own power requirements. If you have some idea for how much wattage you want your mod to provide, you can seriously narrow down your selection.

Once you’ve got a target wattage (or decide you aren’t too worried about the watts,) there are two main compatibility questions:


  • Tanks: A mod is nothing without a tank. Vape tanks include the coils, atomizer, and provide a physical container for the e-juice itself. Tank compatibility is determined by thread type and thread size. The most common type of tank thread is known as a “510” and will work on the widest variety of mods. Other than ensuring the thread size is compatible, you’ll also want to select a tank suited for the Ohms and wattage you plan to vaporize at. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the tank has enough clearance to sit on top of your mod comfortably
  • Batteries: Your mod will dictate how many and what type of batteries your vape can use. Mods which can accommodate multiple (or larger) batteries have the benefit of longer lifespan and the potential for more powerful pulls. However, since the batteries are the heaviest and bulkiest part of the vape, this additional longevity and power comes at the price of increased size and weight. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for what type of battery to use. Never deviate from the manufacturer’s recommended battery type.