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Vape Coils

What are Vaporizer Coils?

Vape coils are the mechanism which converts electrical energy into heat in your vaporizer. Electrical current is passed from the batteries and through the coils, causing the e-juice absorbed into the coils’ cotton to vaporizer.

Though nearly invisible from the outside, coils are a vital part of any vape. Because they frequently heat up, coils naturally degrade over time. This can lead to a less productive vape, or an unpleasant taste and odor resulting from a “burnt” coil.

As a result, replacing coils is a routine step for maintaining your vaporizer.

Getting the Right Coils for Your Vaporizer

Coils fit into your vaporizers tank, meaning any tank and coil pair will need to be compatible in order to work together. In addition to ensuring you have the proper thread size and type, you’ll also want to look at the wattage rating and the resistance of the coil.

Your tank or mod should include instructions recommending the optimal wattage rating and resistance for your coils, as well as specifications for compatible thread sizes. Advanced users can experiment with different wattage and resistance coils to change how their vape works, but most users should stick to the manufacturer's recommendations for coils.

How Often Should I Replace Vape Coils?

If you use your vaporizer everyday, you’ll probably want to replace your coils every few weeks.

When coils begin to fail, the first thing to go is usually the taste of your juice, followed by the cloud production of your vape. If your notice your e-juice lacking in flavor or producing unusually small clouds, it might be time to change coils.

But a particularly telltale sign is a “burnt” or unusual flavor, which is the result of of a burnt coil which need to be changed immediately.

Though all vape coils are designed to be disposable and replaced after a few weeks of use, you can improve their longevity by vaporizing at a lower wattage or temperature.