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  • 510 thread vape battery white
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • white discreet vape mini tank
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • discreet white vape battery
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
  • 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank
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Slick Vapes

510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank

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  • Variable Voltage
  • 650mAh Battery Life
  • Discreet Battery Vape
  • Magnetic connector bottom for easy use

Get the most out of your oils with the 510 Thread Vape Battery Mini Tank. Featuring a long-lasting 650mah battery and three voltage settings, this auto-draw vaporizer delivers smooth and consistent hits. Its discreet design fits most 510 cartridges and the USB-C charging makes it convenient for on-the-go use. Elevate your vaping experience today.

Note: USB-C Charging cable not included.


  • 650mAh Battery
  • Three Voltage Settings (2.8 - 3.8V)
  • Auto-draw cartridge vaporizer


510 Thread Battery Mini Tank Manual


Power On/Off:

  • Quickly press the button on at the bottom of the base 5 times to switch the power on or off. The light will flash 3 times. 

Voltage/Temperature Adjustment:

  • Press button 3 times rapidly to change the settings. The indicated light will flash 3 times showing the voltage.
  • Green light 3.0V (Low)
  • Blue light 3.4V (Medium)
  • Red light 3.8V (High)

Preheat Function:

  • Press the button 2x quickly and the light will glow and dim continuously for 15 seconds. You can vape at your preference during this time or wait for larger clouds.


  • Use a type-c charger to charge your pen. Vape will glow when charging, once fully charged light will turn off.




How to Use:

  1. Connect the bottom magnetic connector properly. The battery will not charge if it's not attached.
  2. Attach the battery to a USB-C cable and connect to a power source. You will see the light flash once when the battery is connected.
  3. Fully charge the battery before using. Disconnect the device from the power source before use.
  4. Remove the bottom magnetic connector and firmly screw in the 510 threaded cartridge of your choice.
  5. Insert the cartridge into the device and ensure the bottom magnetic connector is properly connected.
  6. To turn the unit on/off press the button on the bottom of the base 5 times quickly. (It should blink 3 times showing the temperature/voltage)
  7. Adjust the voltage by pressing the button 3 times quickly. (It will blink 3 times and the new temperature)
  8. Activate the pre-heat function to prime the cartridge by pressing the button 2 times quickly. (the light will radiate and heat the cartridge for 15 seconds continuously)
  9. During those 15 seconds, simply pull from the mouthpiece to activate the cartridge vapor. You can pull at any time during the pre-heat.

    Enjoy your session!


Ask a Question
  • What are the dimensions? What size of cartridge will this vape hold?

    Hello! The maximum cartridge size is: 2.4 inches length, 0.55 inches diameter (61mm x 14mm)

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