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6 Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Pax Vaporizer. Avoid the PAX 2 SCAM!

There are quite a few differences between real and fake PAX's. I hope this helps you weave out the knock off's or to tell if you got a genuine or fake PAX if already purchased. Related: See our Pax 3 counterfeit comparison. Price... if it's too good to be true it's most likely fake. You go to any head shop and the PAX is always a set price by the company (same as the Volcano, everywhere you look it is the same price. Plus craigslist is scam nation on any product in general I seemed to notice and eBay also...

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Independence Day Sale 2016! Deals and Promotions for Vapes/Dabbers

Due to the popularity of the ploom PAX 2 Coupon Code we decided to extend it throughout the weekend for the independence day! These promo codes will end after the July 4th weekend so get on them quickly!

We're also doing 15% off MOST items. Yes, it's most, sorry, We would mark down everything but fact of the matter is we'd be losing on some of our sales. I mean, technically it could crash our servers, and then we couldn't even fulfill some of the orders. Anyways, I digress, and if you have made it this far you are awesome. Here's a coupon code for the weekend!


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Deal Alert! PAX 2 by Ploom - Expired

This is your last chance to use our PAX 2 by Ploom Coupon code for $30 Off! 

This deal WILL END on June 30th, 2016.

Get the PAX 2 today for more than 10% off. 



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