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The Effects of Vaping with High Blood Pressure

Aaron Pua

The Effects of Vaping with High Blood Pressure

For those suffering from high blood pressure it is important to be careful with what they put into their body. Even certain types of food can exacerbate an already troubling problem. We know that smoking also can be a cause of high blood pressure problems, but what of e-cigarettes? Is nicotine alone responsible for this health issue or is their more to the matter?

Is Vaping Safe if You Have High Blood Pressure?

As with many things in the vaping world, the research is still in its infancy. Most research about nicotine and high blood pressure that has been conducted was done solely on the health of cigarette smokers. However, the relatively few studies that have been conducted on the effects of swapping from cigarettes to vapes are promising.

There is indeed a noted and substantial decrease in unhealthy blood pressure levels in patients after they make the switch. But does this mean that e-cigarettes are safe as far as blood pressure is concerned? Not exactly. It is indeed better than cigarettes but nicotine itself does constrict blood vessels and raises blood pressure as a result.

Should I Start Vaping if I Have High Blood Pressure?

The answer to this varies. If you are currently smoking, then the most likely  answer is yes. The switch from cigarettes to vaping will indeed improve your cardio health, though there is the caveat that nicotine does have an effect on the cardiac system. Nicotine alone does not do as much damage as cigarettes, but it is there.

However, if you have high blood pressure and you do not currently smoke you should question if it’s a good idea to add vaped nicotine to your system. Sure, it’s not as bad as cigarettes, but the research is just not clear yet as to the safety of nicotine on someone with high blood pressure that does not currently smoke.

What should I conclude from this?

Vaporizing nicotine, when used to cease smoking cigarettes, may lessen tar and toxins that the body would have taken but accurate health claims can not be made without scientific study. 

E-cigarettes allow their users to tailor the amount of nicotine they are receiving much easier than with analog cigarettes. This means that even if ingesting nicotine is a concern for your blood pressure, you can simply lower the amount you are intaking until you are at a comfortable level for your cardiac health. An option like this is simply unavailable with cigarettes and even if all things were equal, this alone makes vapes (possibly) a safer and healthier option.

Personally, when I made the switch, my cardiac and respiratory health did improve quite quickly. My systolic pressure dropped, just like the research said, and I felt myself becoming much more energetic than when I was smoking constantly.

Always be careful and do your research when adding a chemical compound to your body, nicotine most likely isn’t the greatest thing for your cardiac health. However, harm can be reduced by a significant margin over what cigarettes do and that is where they really shine.

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  • James Burns on

    Smoked my whole life. 110/70 quit and picked up Salt nicotine in an Orion Plus. 4 months later 144/93. Even without nic it harms you vascular system. Actual vaper.

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