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Top 10 Favorite Vape Girls of Instagram

Gary Simpson

Top 10 Favorite Vape Girls of Instagram

Influencers in Social Media are a huge business these days. Even if you’re outside the bubble of Instagram these highly followed individuals help shape the market through effective and realistic advertising with products they believe in. When an influencer shares or shows something off, sales and views of it will skyrocket into huge numbers just from the simple 5 minutes it takes to  post on their social media platforms.

What these influencers do varies, but some of the biggest tend to be models who show off products -and themselves- and bring a new light to the community. So, let’s take a look at some of the ladies, in no particular order, that show off vape gear and look amazing doing it.

Warning, some of them post kind of risque photos so consider this before browsing through one of their Instagrams at work!

#1 vaping.rose

Let’s start off with vaping.rose! She’s a Filipino model that has gotten into the vape game through her bold style and her good taste in e-cig juices. She prides herself on well-composed photos that are somewhat provocative, but still quite tasteful.

Vaping.rose’s followers keep on eye on her page not just for the photos, but because she always works out specials with brands that then get past on to her fans. She enjoys discussing products and is big into the vape scene, even outside of her modeling expertise.


Followers: 73.5k

Risque? A bit, but nothing extreme.

Style? A lot of amazing photography.

#2 wannatashaa

Wannatashaa, or Natasha, is a pro vape trick master no ifs ands or buts about it. She has mashed her vape skills with natural good looks and no small amounts of charisma into one of the cooler instagrams on this list.

She’s a show off, that’s for sure, but she shows off her skills more than trying to get oggles by passing instagram users. She has a lot of respect from other influencers and brands because of this and is a great follow if you want some wholesome, and incredibly cool, content.


Followers: 101.5k

Risque? Not at all.

Style? Tons of great trick shots and cool-ness abounds.


Pandora looks incredible, and she knows it. This vapestress from Orlando, Florida likes to relax in the sun with a good CBD to show off her mods and tattoos. Honestly, she has a penchant for promoting a great product and making it look incredibly cool at the same time. She likes bright colors and flavors and she keeps her massive following entertained through her exploration and the promotion of the field.


Followers: 1.7m

Risque? I wouldn’t browse it at work, that’s for sure.

Style? She has a huge following for a reason. Style in excess.

#4 misaliaa

Misaliaa is what you would call a professional. She makes amazing videos, is always at the bleeding edge of trends and honestly just seems pretty cool.

She doesn’t rely on everything looking as perfect as other models we’ve listed so far do, she relies on just making the neatest content out there. She works hard on making incredible content based on her vapes and the tricks she has learned. Definitely check out what she’s up to from time to time, Misaliaa is the unofficial vape queen for a reason!


Followers: 196k

Risque? Not at all, she doesn’t need to be.

Style? A huge amount of tricks and coolness to be found here.

#5 dose.of.farrah

Farrah is the go-to if you’re looking for someone to follow who has serious connections in the industry. She quit smoking 15 years ago, in the early days of vaping, and has been growing her following since.

Farrah is an industry darling, and as such her followers get to be involved with deep discounts on products and big giveaways. Beyond that though, she’s a beautiful and lovely woman who just wants to help people out. Give dose.of.farrah a follow!


Followers: 233k

Risque? She likes to make herself look good, but nothing too naughty.

Style? In spades. She’s an industry pro that knows what she’s doing.

#6 alliembers_

She vapes, she’s cool, she’s pretty and she’s artistic. Alli is a quickly growing influencer on instagram that like to combine everything she loves from the food to the outdoors to vaping all at the same time.

You get a good vibe checking out her channel, and it’s a nice browse. Plus she cosplays a bit and generally has a good sponsorship going. It’s a great smaller channel to get in on.


Followers: 16.8k

Risque? Nah. Plenty of natural beauty though.

Style? Gorgeously framed shots and a chill atmosphere.

#7 _justpeachyy

Hannah, or _justpeachyy as her moniker says, has a vaping girl with a serious attitude. If you like piercings, tattoos and wonderfully framed shots of vape photography you’re in luck.

She promotes a healthier lifestyle on her instagram and the idea of being yourself. It’s nice to see vaping mixed with such a positive message and Hannah seems to really embody the spirit of this. Furthermore, she’s just nice and is always sponsored by great brands that cut her followers deals. _justpeachyy is an excellent follow.


Followers: 132k

Risque? Nope, just stunning beauty and cool tattoos.

Style? Lots of vape tricks, awesome outfits and scenes.

#8 priscillacrystalg

Priscilla knows her assets and shows them off in an incredibly manner. A vape brand could do a lot worse than to get Priscilla to endorse their product.

As far as combining cool products with sexy imagery, it’s hard to beat priscillacrystalg. She has great tastes in outfits and knows how to take a photo just so that you really can’t look away. I wouldn’t browse it at the office, but it’s definitely a quality insta.


Followers: 125k

Risque? You bet! Not recommended for an office environment.

Style? A gorgeous vaping hot woman with perfectly framed photos.

#9 ohmmywattsup

Chrystianna is multifaceted. Yes, she is pretty and she knows it. Yes, she knows how to really create an atmosphere with her posts. But she’s also an incredibly talented at vape tricks, which is really what she showcases.

She’s sponsored by great brands, with all the kickbacks that come with that, and shows that the new generation of vapers coming up are really going to blow all us old timers out of the water when it comes to making vapes cool. If you want to see the new vape scene, give ohmmywattsup a follow on instagram.


Followers: 37k

Risque? No, she’s cute and doesn’t feel the need to bare it all.

Style? A very cool kid with great atmospheric photography.

#10 valerie.w33

Valerie is an incredible vape trick artist with a huge catalogue of videos to peruse. Her natural striking good looks only suit to compliment her true talent which is really dope vape tricks. Honestly, go check her out if you want to be impressed thoroughly. She’s leading the game with innovative new techniques.

In addition to some of the coolest videos out there, her followers are constantly inundated with giveaways and deals that you can’t find elsewhere. Valeri.w33, check her out!

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