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Electric Dab Rig

Best Electric Dab Rigs: Top Picks & Best Budget Erigs


If you’re looking for a great place to find a cheap dab rig to enjoy your wax concentrates, we round up a selection of the best electric dab rigs you can buy. Also known as "E-Rigs", Electric Dab Rigs are vaporizers that use battery powered atomizers and a glass percolator or mouthpiece to offer a portable on-the-go way to dab. This form of vaporizing has been popularized as it's a safer way to dab without the use of a traditional butane dab torch.

See the Best Electronic Dab Rigs we have for 2023!

We summarized all dab rigs for sale here and ranked the highest quality we’ve tested.

Our Top Picks are:

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Top Picks, Best Budget Electric Dab Rigs!

With the help of our vape experts at Slickvapes, we tested many cheap portable electronic dab rigs to know which are the best you can buy while on a budget.

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What is an Electric Dab Rig? (Erig)

Electric dab rigs are similar to glass dab rigs except with a battery powered electric heat source. These devices use atomizers with ceramic, quartz, or titanium heating cups which heat your material making it convenient for on the go. These are great as no butane torch or flame is required to heat your nail.


How Much Does an ERig Cost?

Electric dab rigs vary in price from $60 to $300 or more.