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Dab Pen Batteries

We have a wide collection of wax pen batteries for dab, concentrate, and oils. In general, most dab pens are 510 compatible batteries that use 510 compatible threaded cartridges and attachments. 

There's too many! What vape battery do I buy?

Don't worry, we're here to help. For starters we don't sell any pre-filled cartridges, so you'll have to first have one of those.

Do you want a button or auto draw?

We recommend the o.penVape 2.0 battery for auto draw and it's the most dependable battery we have here along with the Kandypens 350mAh which we highly recommend if you want a button style battery.

Not sure what voltage your cartridge requires?

No problem! we recommend you select a wax vaporizer pen with "VV" or variable voltage to ensure compatibility. Depending on the size also will play a factor and in general "ceramic" atomizers will require a higher output.

What You Should Know About Your Dab Pen Battery Life

If you are into dabbing, then you must be familiar with the dab pen. While it is true that you can dab without necessarily using a dab pen, there are certain reasons you may want to consider using one.


Features to Look for In a Dab Pen & Dab Pen Battery

When buying your first dab pen, you should consider the following features in order to ensure you select the best quality:

  •    Material make-up
  •    Portability
  •    Accessories
  •    Durability of battery

Dab Pen Battery Life – Why is it Important?

Since dab pens are battery powered, the portability of your pen is often dictated by the battery life. If you enjoy vaping a couple of times in the day, then you should consider buying a vaporizer pen with a battery that should last many hours.

Vape pens are usually designed with chargeable batteries; if you are unsure which design best suits your purpose, then you may consider looking through these collections of slim USB charged dab pens! They will no doubt help you enjoy dabbing on the go.


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