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Dr. Dabber Switch VS Carta Vape Reviewed! (Our Thoughts)

Joseph R

Dr. Dabber Switch VS Carta Vape Reviewed! (Our Thoughts)

Combining the power of a desktop rig with the convenience of a portable vape pen, these devices use state of the art technology to bring vapers a fantastic experience.

The first of these products to hit the market was the Puffco Peak, however since that time, other brands have got in on the act, bringing their own portable dab rigs to the public.

Arguably, these devices are even better than the original Peak, since they’ve taken their inspiration from Puffco’s success while also taking into account what customers want from a portable dab rig when designing their own versions.

Two of the best newer entrants to this marketplace are Focus V with their Carta Vape Rig and Dr Dabber with their Switch Vaporizer.

So, which of these two models is the best? We've closely reviewed the Carta and Switch to see which comes out on top.


Winner: Tie

Both the Carta Vape and the Switch can be used with either wax concentrates or dry herbs  

The Switch comes with 3 cups and offers dry herb vaping without purchasing a separate accessory.

The Carta you'll need to purchase an extra dry herb atomizer ($30) if you want to utilize this feature.


Winner: Carta Vape

If we’re looking at electronic dab rigs, portability may not be the most influential selling point. But sharing is caring, so we'll explore how this works with larger rigs.

Focus V’s Carta Vape isn’t the most compact portable dab rig on the market, however it can still be used on the move. Measuring just over 7 inches in height, it has been designed ergonomically so that it can be used single-handed. It also comes with its own carrying case for easy transport.

Meanwhile, the Dr Dabber Switch is much larger. Measuring around 10 inches in height, or as tall as 13 inches with the bubbler attached, the Switch is also quite a wide device which certainly isn’t pocket friendly. It does come with a carrying box with molded foam that you can also customize. But keep in mind this box is pretty large - about the size of a computer tower.

On the portability front, the Carta Vape takes the trophy.

Temperature Settings

Winner: Dr. Dabber Switch

How adjustable are the temperature settings, for the most customized experience?

The Switch offers 25 different settings for users to choose from and with its induction heat system, this device reaches the chosen temperature in just 3 seconds, which is pretty hard to beat.

The Carta Vape offers 4 pre-set temperatures, but it also features a downloadable app, and if you use this to control the device you have much more capability to choose a precise temperature and a custom vape. It also heats up in as little as 5-7 seconds, which isn’t to be sniffed at.

Design And Performance

Winner: Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr Dabber Switch comes with 2 inductive heating cups (Titanium, Ceramic). Dr. Dabber also offers a Quartz Crystal induction cup and a thick "Smooth" Ceramic cup as an upgrade and are available separately.

The dry herb vaping experience from the Switch is unrivaled. Since the release of the Volcano, we haven't seen such top performer for dry herb vaping. What makes it great is that the heat still does not burn or combust the material, rather it vapes it until it forms into a charcoal consistency. 

The Carta Vape comes with a choice of quartz or titanium bowls.

In terms of design, the Switch is larger than the Carta Vape, for sure, but it has a wide bullet-shaped design which makes it easy to hold and use. It’s simple to take apart and put together and its user-friendly controls make it suitable for use even by beginners. Its' durability and sturdiness make it a reliable choice that is sure to last a long time.

The Carta Vape is constructed from strong and durable borosilicate glass, so it’s also guaranteed to stand the test of time. While its design is ergonomic and stylish, suitable for use single-handed, it really isn’t as attractive as the Switch, and so the Switch really has the edge on the design front.


Winner: Dr. Dabber Switch

Both the Carta Vape and the Dr Dabber Switch come with their own accessories to bring more versatility to the vaping experience.

The Carta Vape comes with a dry herb atomizer as well as titanium and quartz bowls, a carb cap and removable, rechargeable batteries. It’s also possible to obtain compatible accessories like bubblers and heating cups to use with this model.

The Dr Dabber Switch also comes with a host of excellent high-quality accessories. Glass pieces like the Dr Dabber Switch Ball Glass attachment make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate it's ornate finish and functionality improvement as well.

Unlike the Carta Vape, it comes with the detachable bubbler as standard as well as a dab tool, which just gives it the edge over its rival.


Winner: Dr. Dabber Switch

The Carta Vape features 2 non-proprietary removable and rechargeable 13650 batteries. Keeping a backup on hand is an affordable option when on the go.

The Switch’s battery is proprietary but lasts a very long time – it can last for around 150 hits before requiring a recharge which is pretty impressive.

If we're comparing just the battery power and performance, we'll have to lean towards the Switch for it's capacity and strength!

Price And Reliability

Winner: Dr Dabber Switch

Neither of these portable dab rigs are cheap, however the Dr Dabber Switch is considerably more expensive than the Carta Vape, coming in at around $100 more.

This makes the Carta Vape a more affordable choice overall. Both also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, although the Carta Vape is only 1 year when compared to the Dr Dabber Switch’s 2 year guarantee.

Which Is The Best?

When we review the pros and cons of each device it’s quite difficult to make a definitive decision about which is the best electronic dab rig. The Focus V Carta Vape and the Dr Dabber Switch each offer their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Carta Vape comes out on top in terms of its price tag and value factor. The pro's include removable and rechargeable batteries, better portability, its versatility for use with both dry herbs and wax concentrates, and its lower price tag.

Meanwhile, the Dr Dabber Switch comes out on top in terms of its visual style and appearance, its extra power and long-life battery, its outstanding performance when vaping dry herbs and the attachments and accessories that come with it.

At the end of the day, you need to weigh up your own preferences when it comes to purchasing the right dab rig for you. 

If price is a factor, you may lean towards the Carta Vape. However, if you're ready to invest a bit more for what we think is the best desktop device for it's price, stick with the Switch and you'll be happy. It also makes for a great conversation piece at the dinner table. ;)

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