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Puffco wax pens and dab rigs are arguably the most popular brand for wax/ dab pens for sale. Their innovation has been recognize around the world. Majority of vapers choose Puffco because of the unique technology that it has compared to the other brands. All Puffco products (Puffco Peak, Puffco Plus) are engineered with the connoisseur in mind, proudly designed in Brooklyn, New York. We have all Puffco line of accessories including replacement chambers and atomizers available for sale. If you're looking for something specific possibly not listed, just ask and we can add it to your order!

Puffco Latest Releases

Puffco Hot Knife - Perfect tool for slicing your dabs and placing 

Puffco Budsy Water pipe disguised as a simple watter bottle! New for 2021!

Puffco Peak PRO electric dab rig just released! Released on 2020

Puffco Peak Dab Rig: 2018 Was a big year for Puffco when it released their flagship dab rig; the Puffco Peak. With dabbing growing in popularity the need for great portable dab rigs and pens was filled with the release of the peak. It's powerful design and size of a 20oz water bottle makes the Peak one of the best releases of the year.

Puffco Plus V2: Want the most recent update for the plus? They added a new mouthpiece with extended functionality as you can extend the "dart" by pressing down to shift the material to where you want it the most. Less wasting of concentrates. They've also added new branding a new shiny coat and dropped the price to $89.99.

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Puffco-Innovation in Vaping
The Puffco name is probably best known for developing high-quality portable products in the vaping industry. Puffco's exclusive line of vape pens, atomizers and tethers use only the most durable products for an ideal vaping experience. By creating a line of items that are as easy to transport as they are to use, we guarantee a premium experience for vapers on-the-go.

What makes a Puffco vape pen different?

For the vaper that wants more from their product than a clunky square battery, Puffco offers a wide range of stylish and small accouterments for the best possible smoking experience. There are three main factors that set out Puffco vaporizer tools apart from your everyday vape supplier:
  • A seamless, elegant design
  • Our integrated dart loading tool
  • The compact accessories
The Puffco vaporizer stands apart from other vapes in its field for multiple reasons. First and foremost are the sleek, streamlined designs that our products are known for, as shown in the Puffco plus Prism containers or the Peak travel pack. Our Puffco vape pen selection is no exception to this rule, featuring bell-shaped mouthpieces and elegant pen-sized vaporizers. The seamless design of the Puffco Plus makes it an instant favorite among our customers. 

The Dart Loading Tool
One reason people are reluctant to try vaping is the difficulty they have learning how to operate pens. The reason that you can find the Puffco plus for sale in so many locations is the easy-to-use dart loading tool. This way, you don't have to worry yourself with changing coils, fiddling with cotton, or taking a million pieces apart. The dart loading tool snaps effortlessly into place so that you can start smoking with little to no hassle.

Our Accessories
Our commitment to stylish, ergonomic products doesn't just end at our vaporizers. As you can see from our online collection, we specialize in items that are designed for easy, on-the-go access. Our prism packs, carb caps, tethers, and replacement chargers are created with thin, lightweight materials to make them easy to carry.

Vaping shouldn't have to be a chore. With Puffco vape pens, you can focus less on setting your device up and more time smoking and having an enjoyable experience. If you're looking for sleek and easy design, you're looking for Puffco!