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The Vapium motto is “the only Vaporizer built to handle the backcountry” and I’ll be damned if that’s not the truth. Vapium’s superior exterior is built to handle the roughest and toughest conditions while its interior is built to provide you with the smoothest of Vapor.


All of the Vapium Vaporizers a made for the outdoor Vaper. These Vaporizers come small enough to pack with you on a camping trip or even grip onto during a bike marathon. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type and you are just another medicator on the go Vapium has got you covered.

Extreme Conditions

The Vapium SUMMIT Plus Vaporizer is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. This Vaporizer will work in temperatures from 0 Degrees F to 176 Degrees F. This lasting Vaporizer is splash proof and dust protected so you can toke on any trail in any conditions.

Solar Powered

For the true rugged outdoor herb enjoyer the Vapium SUMMIT Weekender Kit can be charged with good old fashion sunlight. If it’s nighttime and your Weekender is running out of juice, plug it into your cell phone with the USB charger to power up.

Temperature Presets

All Vapium Vaporizers come fully equip with 8 Preset Temperatures that range from 330 Degrees F to 440 Degrees F. Just find your favorite preset and puff away.

Smartphone Controls

All Vapium Vaporizers allow you to conveniently operate your Vapium Vaporizer with your Smartphone. Take control of your Temperature Settings as well as your Session Time from your Smartphone.