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A Complete Guide To Nicotine Salts

Aaron Pua

A Complete Guide To Nicotine Salts


Nicotine Salts

You have most likely heard this term even if you do not understand what it means. The short answer is these salts provide higher levels of nicotine or nic, a quicker rush and a smoother hit. The nic salt naturally forms in leaf tobacco. This has more stability as opposed to the freebase salt used for the majority of e-liquids. A higher level is necessary for vaporizing the nic salt because the ions have a more difficult time traveling to the receptors in your body. This is the most efficient delivery system.

The popularity of nic salts began with the JUUL device. Once this device was readily available, the demand for better options increased. Nic salts have continued to become more popular ever since. When freebasing is used for vaping, you probably would not choose anything exceeding eighteen milligrams because your hit would be extremely harsh. These salts enable you to vape higher amounts of nic comfortably to help duplicate the effect of smoking a traditional cigarette.

This can be confusing because vaping fifty milligrams of nic is usually incredibly harsh and can be dangerous. These salts are different because they contain benzoic acid. This makes your vaping experience more palatable and smoother in higher strengths whether you are using a vape pen, an e cigarette, a wax pen or a dab pen.

Freebase Nic

The majority of e-liquids currently available are made with freebase nic. This simply means the chemical has been transformed from salt into the base. This is used for vape juices because it adds potency to the nic. This makes the nic stronger and purer. The issue is once the base has been converted, it becomes more alkaline. This means the nic will be harsh. If you increase the nic level past a certain point, it will not be vapeable or smooth. Since salt nic can be increased without losing the smoothness, it has become extremely popular.

The Benefits of Nic Salts

The best advantage is you can use nic salts in lighter, smaller and lower-powered devices. You will still receive the same rush as you do with freebase nic vape juice. If you use nic juice with the higher powered devices, you can become ill. Since your throat hit is less than freebasing nic, you can increase the amount of nic you are using without having a coughing fit. There are numerous advantages of using nic salts to vape at an increased level. This includes:

• You use a lower-power device which is less expensive
• You do not need a large box mod with numerous bells and whistles
• The devices are easier to use
• All you need is a small kit that fits in your pocket
• You do not need any additional accessories

A lot of vapers who try conventional liquids are not receiving enough satisfaction from the nic. The level of nic may not be enough to take care of their cravings. Some vapers find the nic content in traditional e-liquids is too harsh. The companies manufacturing cigarettes use anesthetics including eugenol or menthol to cover up the harshness. Since vape juices do not mask anything, nic salts enable you to experience a smoother sensation. This will make a tremendous difference every time you take a hit off your e cigarette.

If you have already quit smoking, you may prefer e-liquids not containing nic. You will notice a big difference in flavor even though you are using the same e-juice or dab pen. This is because the flavor is impacted when you use freebase nic. Nic salt will not affect the flavor of the e-juice. This means your vaping experience will be more enjoyable, more flavorful and richer. You also need to consider the price of a box mod or a sub-ohm tank as opposed to a small vaporizer pen. The smaller pen is much less expensive.

The next time your purchase your favorite premium e-liquid, you will be able to enjoy a discreet and inexpensive vaping experience. You will receive the ideal amount of nic because you are using nic salts as opposed to freebase nic.

The Purpose of Benzoic Acid

Benzoic acid will enable you to handle higher strengths of nic because your body can absorb the salt more efficiently. The benefits include:

• The nic salt can vaporize at a lower temperature
• It is just as easy to absorb nic salt as freebase nic
• The pH levels of the nic salt are decreased to provide a smoother hit

The key difference between nic salts and freebase nic is the harshness usually resulting from higher levels. The pH level of freebase nic is higher so the alkalinity is impacted. This means as the level of nic is increased, so is the harshness. Since the benzoic acid lowers the pH level in nic salts, your hit is more enjoyable and much smoother.

The Reasons for Using Nic Salts

This is one of the most effective ways to help you stop smoking a traditional cigarette. This is because the effect of smoking an e cig using nic salts will help curb your cravings. You can use any of the lower wattage devices with nic juice such as a vaporizer pen, a wax pen or a vape pen. This means you will be using an easily portable device you can take anywhere without blowing massive clouds of smoke. Nic salts will satisfy your cravings with a more concentrated and smaller dose.

Once you start using a smaller device like an e cig, you will still be getting the rush you always have from an analog device. Due to the bigger impact, you may vape less. A better hit with more nic means you will not constantly need another hit. A smaller vaporizer pen can dramatically reduce your vapor consumption because you will not be using as much vape juice. This means you will save money even if the nic salts cost more because your consumption of vape juice will drop.

There are numerous starter kits currently available that are ideal for nic salts with even more scheduled to be released. Your best option is a low-resistance coil. This is because a lower concentration of nic such as 25 milligrams is ideal. It is incredibly important not to use nic salts in any type of high powered device because you will receive an excessive amount of nicotine. You can easily find a small device with a large enough e-liquid capacity and battery life to last all day.

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