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Evod Twist Battery Starter Guide

Many who switched from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes started with an Evod battery style device as this gives a similar experience to smoking. It doesn’t produce a lot of vapor, just the right amount to not choke vape beginners. The Evod battery is a simple, easy to use device with a single button to power it on and off. In this article, we’ll give you more information to help you get familiarized with the Evod Twist 510 battery that we offer here at Slick Vapes.


The Evod Twist is a rechargeable 510 battery using a 510 charger that you screw it into and plug in into a USB port. The Evod has multiple versions such as 1300mAh, 1600mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh battery capacity. You can pick depending on your need and the prices differ depending on the version, but don’t worry, they’re all budget friendly!

The Evod Twist has a universal 510 thread to fit most 510-cartridges.It has protection features that prevents the device from breaking from overcharging and short-circuit which is very common to this type of pens. The Evod Twist also has an LED around the button which lights up when the vape is turned on. This battery is well known for its simplicity when it comes to changing voltage. No button mashing required when changing voltage, just simply twist the voltage adjustment at the bottom of the pen, it’s perfect for beginners!

The Evod Twist 510 Battery is a stand alone battery when you purchase it, it doesn’t include a charger nor a tank, so you could pair it with your favorite pre-filled cartridges from your local dispensary.


EVOD Twist Look and Feel

The Evod Twist battery is a solid device. It feels solid when you hold it because of the non-scratch material exterior. The Evod battery has multiple colors you can choose from, but they do not take away from the battery’s solid and durable feel. Its size is comparable to a real pen which makes it discreet, they typically hover around 100mm, more or less.
What Tank Should You Use?

The design and features of the EVOD twist battery makes it ideal for many prefilled 510 cartridges. Good thing you can easily change the voltage of this device to match it perfectly with your tank. Some vapers like using tanks larger than 14mm, as long as you don’t mind the overhang you’re all good!


How to Use the EVOD

There’s not much set up needed when using the EVOD twist. It’s a very straightforward device and most vapes will know what to do, even beginners. First step is to fully charge the battery before using it, which is common for any electronic device. The Evod Twist Battery has no charger port to it, you will need a 510 threaded charger and screw it into and plug into a USB port. After it’s fully charged, attach your preferred 510 threaded tank to the battery. Click the button 5 times rapidly to turn it on. The LED around the button should flash which will indicate the battery is on or off. Press and hold the power button to start vaping. Use the voltage dial at the bottom depending on your preference. No need to wait for the pen to heat up before adjusting voltage, just twist it at any time and enjoy your vape.


Where can you get an Evod Twist?

Luckily, Slick Vapes has all types of EVOD twist available, from 900mAh to 1600mAh battery capacity.


Are EVOD batteries good?

The Evod twists are good for beginners looking for something straightforward with a large battery capacity and variable voltage. It also works for long time vapers looking for something cheap and easy to use.

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