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Top Tips for Dry Herb Vaping

Mark Engo

Are you trying to get thick clouds of vapor from your dry herb vaporizer, but only getting thin vapor? It’s common for these devices to be very different from traditional pipes, water pipes, and rolled papers. There is a bit of a learning curve and hopefully the tips below will help you adjust to the device.

Preparing your device

  • Before anything else, fully charge your vaporizer for the best experience.
  • Place your vaporizer and dry herbs on a flat surface and use a loading tool when packing your vape.

Quality of your material

  • This will make or break your experience.

Preparing your material

  • Use a quality grinder. In general, the finer you grind your herb, the better but there is a limit! Different vaporizers will work better with more coarse grinds, while others will work better with finer material. An even grind is what you are after! This is because grinding will increase the surface area which will allow the heat to penetrate the material giving you a thicker and tastier result.

Packing your vaporizer:

  • You can pack the bowl with a medium to fine grind to the top, not too loose, not too tight, stirring after about 3 to 4 hits is the best, then taking another 2-3 hits depending on temperature.

Depends on your material:

  • The flavor and vapor thickness will depend greatly on the material you're using. The vapor thickness will lighten as your material is fully vaped and the material will become brown.

How to draw from a vape:

  • First draw - we suggest the first inhale will be a "pre-heat" inhale - expect little to no vapor. This is important as the material needs to warm up before vaporization can occur.
  • Draw slowly - For best results remember to draw slowly, reason here is that fast draws will cool the oven quickly and cause very little vaporization. Keep in mind this is very different from hitting a pipe.
  • Don’t draw too fast - Drawing too fast may cool the chamber and reduce vapor production.

Maintaining your Vaporizer

  • Keeping clean

Tips for Entry Level Devices:

Most entry level devices like the Yocan Vane generally are not made with precision temperature gauges so we suggest using a higher settings, use steady slow+long draws (not hit like a joint as this will have a cooling effect on the oven causing it to drop temperature which we don’t want).


Like this and all dry herb vaporizers there is a bit of a learning curve so you’ll want to test out temperature, packing, grind size, and draw speeds to produce results you’ll enjoy.

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