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Mighty vs. Crafty + Vaporizer Comparison , Who Get's Our Pick?

Mighty vs. Crafty + Vaporizer Comparison , Who Get's Our Pick?

There’s a multitude of vaporizers on the market and if you’re looking to purchase a premium vaporizer that packs a punch, then Storz and Bickel is the brand for you. The Mighty and the Crafty+ are two sublime vaporizers that are changing the game with efficient cooling and clean flavors.

These two vaporizers might be larger than what you're used to but the benefits of using them are immense, in comparison to other vaporizers on the market.

The Mighty is a tight fit in a pocket but it does offer superior battery life, it heats up fast and has onboard controls on the device. The Crafty+ is the perfect travel companion, it’s compact and pocket-able, making it highly portable. 



The Vapor Quality

First things first, what’s the vapor quality like of both devices? Well, both of the vaporizers offer high-quality Storz and Bickel vaping experience. The vapor starts off with an experience of mostly convection to give you clean flavors. As the devices slowly warm up, conduction is introduced to provide a full extraction of the flower.

Both devices are incredibly efficient and offer a rich, tasty and satisfying vaping experience for the user. Also, the two devices feature the signature cooling unit to help dissipate the heat. 

Mighty Perks

  • Portable
  • Hot air convection heating and additional conduction
  • 1.4 cm³ Filling Chamber for herbs or liquids with the additional Drip Pad
  • Uses two lithium-ion batteries for portable power and has a pass-through mode via power adapter 

Crafty+ Perks

  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Heats up 30% faster than the original Crafty
  • Convection and conduction heating for exceptional airflow
  • Super Boost Mode: get to the max temperature of 410°F by triple pressing the power button
  • Innovative cooling system to bring the device temperature down faster

Material Quality

The Mighty and the Crafty+ are both made from a highly durable and tough medical-grade plastic called Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK). This high-grade plastic is used in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries due to the amount of stress that the material can withstand. 

Size Matters

There’s a notably obvious difference between sizes for both devices. The Mighty comes in at around an inch taller. The Mighty is also wider than the Crafty+, which makes it less portable. The Crafty+ can be dropped into a pocket for easy transport and that’s a huge plus when traveling and wanting to take a hit of your favorite flower. The Mighty can be popped into a purse or even placed in a backpack but considering its size, it’s better suited to be used at home or with friends in a private residence. 

Battery Life and Charging the Device 

You can use a wall adapter to charge the Mighty and your battery will last around 2.5 hours, depending on how much you use the device. It takes around 90 minutes to fully charge the battery so be prepared to charge the device well before you’re going to need it.

The Crafty+ is a smaller device, meaning that it has a lower battery life. You’ll get around 90 minutes of battery life when using the Crafty+; that’s a huge improvement on the original Crafty device. You can charge this device via USB and it should take you around 90 minutes from 0 battery life. 

The Device Controls

With these two premium devices, you can rest assured that you have a whole host of features. Both devices come with digital temperature controls, boost mode, auto-shutoff timers and haptic feedback.

The Mighty’s controls can be accessed via the digital display on the front of the device. From here, you can alter the temperature between the range of 104°F to 410°F. The Crafty+ only has a couple of basic temperature settings that can be accessed from the device - 356°F and 383°F. While you’re in session, you can take advantage of boost mood to increase the temperature between 10°F - 15°F.

Device Designs

The Crafty+ has been given a facelift since the Crafty and the Mighty. The Crafty+ has more of a streamlined look because of its cooling fins now slanting upwards, as opposed to being horizontal. The other design differences are mainly for aesthetic purposes and don’t have an effect on performance in any way.

The Mighty is still the larger device with horizontal cooling fins and a curved base (makes it more difficult to stand upright on its own). 

Which Device Is Best for You?

It’s crunch time and both devices are weighing up nicely as contenders to be your next vaporizer. With such big similarities between the two devices, there are still benefits to owning one device over the other.

The Mighty and the Crafty+ measure up about the same when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The ovens can be easily cleaned with a brush or wipes and that should be done somewhere between 20 - 40 uses. 

Both of the vaporizers use a method of convection and conduction heating to create a more potent and rich flavor. The Mighty still heats up faster at around 45 seconds and the Crafty+ takes over 60 seconds.

In terms of price, there’s a big difference in cost. The Mighty will set you back $349 and the Crafty+ will cost $279.

There are pros and cons to using either device. The Mighty provides better battery life, it heats up faster and has more functionality. The Crafty+ is smaller, more portable, cheaper in price and still offers the same vapor quality as the Mighty. 

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