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These Easy Vape Tricks Will Have You Vaping Like a Pro

Gary Simpson

These Easy Vape Tricks Will Have You Vaping Like a Pro


Vaping has been gaining popularity as a past time in the last couple of years. There are people who vape purely for entertainment purposes.

You might have seen them on social media and wonder how they do the tricks. Blowing Os has been a trend for centuries, long before vaping existed. They were called smoke vaping tricks

The tricks used to be performed by water pipes, cigars, and cigarettes however mastery was difficult due to the harshness of the smoke for most users.

Why Vaping?

Vaping is not the same with conventional smoking because there is no combustion involved in the process. This is extremely important from a health perspective because you will only be inhaling cannabinoids.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, contains carcinogenic which is harmful to your lungs.

Vaping is a fairly new phenomenon and there haven't been a lot of studies on the long-term effects. One thing that is certain is it is less harmful than cigarettes.

It can be intimidating to see pros doing it if you're just starting out. With a little bit of practice, consistency, and vape mod or good vape pod, you can just be as good.

We have rounded up some of the coolest tricks which can benefit both beginners and intermediate vapers.


  1. The Ghost

This beginner-friendly trick is also called the ‘Mushroom Cloud' or ‘Snap Inhale'. It basically involves blowing out the vapor then quickly sucking it back in. It is an easy trick that can be performed by just about anyone.

  • Start by taking a drag. Just for a few seconds, allow it to cool in your mouth.
  • Next step involves pushing out the vapor that has formed in the mouth by forming a ball. You should practice this step repeatedly as it is the most challenging one. Make sure that the ball comes out in one round bust.
  • Quickly inhale back the vaper. You should be able to see the ‘ghost' effect as you suck in the ball.



  1. Smoke Ring

This has to be the oldest vaping trick to ever exist. It is recommended for intermediate vapers because it requires some level of expertise to master.

  • You start by inhaling the vapor into your throat. Make sure the tongue is positioned at the mouth's bottom edging towards the back of the throat. You should be forming a round shape with your lips at the same time.
  • Only small amounts of vapor should be pushed out using your throat in a pulsing motion. The pulsing motion should be similar to a subtle cough.
  • The size of the O rings you make will be determined by the size of O you make with your lips.
  • You need to make sure your lips are completely tucked in if you have to make rings the size of a donut.


  1. Triple Rings

You can as well blow two or three rings at the same time. This will also require some level of skill and a lot of practice in order to perfect it. You should start by learning how to blow Os before you can move on to the triple rings.

You start by placing a finger on your mouth. The secret comes in pulling and pressing down the top lip while allowing a small double split of sections in your mouth. You get two Os instead of one as result. The same principle applies to getting triple rings. The only change is using two fingers for the splitting. It is recommended you have your mouth wide open to get the best results.


  1. Colored Vape Smoke

This vape trick is easy even for beginners. You've probably seen tons of viral videos featuring the colored vape and you're probably wondering how to do it. Technically it can't be described as a trick but it will still be a great addition to your arsenal.

The trick happens in post-production. This means you have to know about video editing to pull it off using software created by an app development agency. The specific modification is called Sense Arrow which features LED lighting used for coloring the clouds. This is among the simple vape tricks that can aesthetically improve your vaping tricks.


  1. The Dragon

This the trick to master if you want to stand out from your peers. As the name suggests, you're like a dragon breathing out fire.

It is done by simply taking a drag and forcing it out via your nose and the corners of the mouth. The lips should be closed tightly in the middle. This can be a cool trick to add slow motion and the color effects to give it a dramatic and cinematic vibe.


  1. French Inhale

Sometimes referred to as the Irish Waterfall, this trick is like a reverse of The Dragon. It is like a flowing waterfall but in reverse.

  • The first step is to drag a substantial amount of vapor in your mouth. The vapor should be trapped in by your tongue.
  • You then slowly open the mouth for the vapor to go out traveling upwards towards your nostrils. Make sure you're not exhaling during this stage.
  • Continue by using your lower lip to add momentum as the vapor travel upwards. You should also slowly move your tongue from the back to the front as the vapor pushes out. Just make sure that the motion is not quick.
  • Keep inhaling as you breathe in through your nose for the vapor to be sucked upwards when it leaves the mouth. Following these steps will result in the French Inhale. This step will also need some practicing but it gets easier the more you do it.


  1. The Tornado

This is one of those vaporizer tricks that can easily be mastered by intermediate vapors. It is also one of the most popular smoke tricks and will always feature in any video compilation. Vapor is whipped on a flat surface so that spins forming the tornado shape. The skill might look complicated but it is not that hard to replicate.

  • You start by isolating a flat surface. If you're a complete beginner, you can start by using an empty paper towel roll. The paper roll helps in breathing in a more compact and effective manner. Experienced users have the ability to comfortably breathe down on the table without the vapor dispersing.
  • The more the vapor you inhale, the better the chances of the trick working out.
  • Your fingers should be placed together when inserting the hand in the smoke. You can also choose to separate your ring fingers from the pinky one and the outcome will still be the same. It is all about going for what you're comfortable with.
  • Your hand should rapidly drive up so as to create a tornado effect.

This is one of those vape tricks that should ideally be done in a room with no wind interference. Make sure all the windows are closed before you attempt the trick. The outcome will be much better if you can be skillful with your wrist.


  1. Bane Inhale

This technique is inspired by the Batman villain. One could describe it as an advanced form of the French Inhale. This is one of those smoke tricks that if you master, will make you look the infamous Bane.

  • The vapor should be stored in your cheeks once you inhale it while slowly allowing it to go through the mouth.
  • Next step is to perform the French Inhale which we've already covered.
  • Your teeth should be closed as the vapor goes out. The smoke is then separated into numerous strands thus creating the illusion of the Mask.

There are several vaporizer tricks that you can master easily. Perfection, on the other hand, will require constant practice.



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