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How to Choose the Right Vaporizer [Updated January 2024]

Aaron Pua

So you are finally going to break down, go the healthier route and buy a Vaporizer? Good for you! Now that you made your first leap forward you need to decide what kind/type/brand of Vaporizer to buy, and that’s not too easy. In today’s world of dry herb, there are thousands upon thousands of different types of Vaporizers on the market that are all aimed towards you! Which one is the perfect one, you may be asking? Well, actually it all depend on you and what you are looking for in a Vaporizer. When buying a Vaporizer there are quite a few factors to consider.

Types Of Vaporizers

First off you need to take a look at this never ending market of Vapor clouds and decide what kind of Vaporizer will suit your needs the best. In the grand scheme of things Vaporizers break down into 2 separate groups, Desktop Vaporizers and Handheld Vaporizers. What’s the difference you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you.

Desktop Vaporizers

volcano vaporizer digitalYou know those giant boxes with bags and hoses attached that stoners puff on? Those are Desktop Vaporizers. Most Desktop Vaporizers run off electricity from a power cord, there are newer battery powered Vaporizers coming to the market. When you get a Desktop Vaporizer you then have to decide if you want the Whip and Wand style or the Bag style. The Whip and Wand style is a hose system, that is great for leaning back to relax while your Vape. I can’t lie you do look like you’re blowing megatron, but they make for a smooth relaxing session. The Bag style is exactly what it sounds like a bag that fills up with Vapor. The Bag style is more for the toker with the kong sized lungs. The volcano vaporizer is one of the longest production vapes that utilizes the bag with a spring loaded valve to close off any air leakage. This is so you are free to puff slowly and pinch it off until your next pull. Desktop Vaporizers are awesome for when you want to get baked in the comfort of your own home without smoking.

Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers are just what the title says Vaporizers that are portable enough to hold in your hand. Handheld Vaporizers are great because they do not take up nearly as much space as your typical Desktop Vaporizer and still carry a lot of power. Just like the Desktop Vaporizers, Handheld Vaporizers have different sub-sections like a power cord or battery attached. Portable Pen Vaporizers are extremely popular right now for the run and gun toker. When buying a Handheld Vaporizer it is good to find out if is a Load as You Go Vape or pack and forget about it kind of Vape. But don’t think that just because you are buying a Handheld or Portable Vaporizer that it will not have the same power of a Desktop Vape. In today’s market Handheld Vapes are sometimes just as strong and even stronger than a some Desktop Vapes depending on the model. Don’t get me wrong there are also Handheld Vapes that don’t even come close to a Desktops power, but it all depend on what you are personally looking for.

Flower or Concentrates

Now that you have decided on the kind of Vaporizer you are looking for it is time to decide if you want to use your vaporizer for herbs and Flower or for concentrates, also known as Dab, Wax, Shatter and even rosin. If you do not want to choose between the two there are certain Vapes that have a functionality for both Flower and Concentrates. But be careful not all Vapes contain the Dual System check the specification of your Vape before you purchase it.

Conduction Heating Vs. Convection Heating

In the world of Vaporizers there are two different schools of heating methods for you two choose from, they are Conduction Heating and Convection Heating. Conduction Heating is used mainly in Portable Vaporizers and involves heating through direct contact. The biggest issue with Conduction Heating Vaporizers is burning your plant matter instead of Vaporizing it. Also uneven heating is a constant hasell as well. Convection Heating Vaporizes your plant matter with heat in the air much like an oven would.

Energy Power Sources

One thing to keep in mind when buying a Vaporizer is what is the Power Source backing your Vaporizer and where are you going to mainly use it. Generally, most desktop vaporizers are more powerful and provide a constant heat source, although require more energy to operate, but there are some that run on rechargeable batteries. Most Handheld Vaporizers are battery powered, yet there are still some that need a cord and outlet to work, there are some that even run off of butane, or even solar. So think before you buy and don’t forget to charge before you leave the house!

Temperature Controls

temperature control vaporizing weed

Depending on the Vaporizer you may have the opportunity to control your Vape temperatures manually. This is great feature to have in a Vaporizer. We all puff and Vape at different speeds of inhalation, the manual temperature control allows you to choose the temperature that is right for you, specifically. Marijuana Vapor tends to be produced at temperatures ranging from 350F to 400F and now with Digital Temperature Gauges in most Desktop Vaporizers and some Portable Vaporizers it is no problem finding the right temperature for you. If your Vape does not contain a manual temperature control it most likely controls the Vape Temp according to your inhalation speed.


When buying a Vaporizer do some research on that specific brand and model. A lot of Vaporizers out there today have extra gadgets, gizmos, and attachments that you can buy to modify your Vaporizer. Some Vaporizers also need attachments bought in addition to the product for it to work properly. So do some outside research as you don’t want to invest in a big vape when attachments will send you out of budget.

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  • Nethan Paul on

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information on selection of vape based products. The factors which are mentioned here are very good and I have to follow these to select the right product for me. I am a user of herbal vape to quit smoking habit and am a big fan of vaping.

  • Joe on

    I was trying buy a device and asked about a vaporizer Thedealer said he stopped stocking because of the price What is the range for hand held?

  • Ken Hwan on

    That’s really neat that desktop vaporizers are so great to use in the comfort of your own home like you mentioned. My brother was telling me about how he’d like a vaporizer. His birthday is in October, so maybe I’ll have a desktop vaporizer shipped to him.

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