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Vaping Around Pets (Are & E-Cigs Poisonous To Pets?) The Dangers with EJuice

Aaron Pua

Vaping Around Pets (Are & E-Cigs Poisonous To Pets?) The Dangers with EJuice

vaping and pets

In today’s world, many people prefer vaping over the physical act of smoking. While many may enjoy this new method of inhalation - be it of nicotine or cannabis - it may present hidden dangers to some most close to us. Our pets.

Vaping works by avoiding the carbonization of plant material and instead, you inhale a intensely heated oil, liquid, or juice as an actual vapor. Using vaporizers is quickly becoming an ever more preferred way of weed/cannabis and tobacco consumption! it's important to know just how these new devices and methods of “smoking” can affect our furry friends. The last thing we want is to sacrifice their health for our hobbies!

Is E-juice and Nicotine Safe for my Dog or CAT??

vaping dogWhile vaping may be relatively safe for us humans, it does not necessarily mean it is safe for our pets to ingest. One should not be forcefully espousing their pets to vapor or smoke of any kind; but if they become exposed to the vapor, the risk is much less than if it were traditional cigarette smoke. Using your vaping devices around your pets, if done with common sense, should be more than safe. Just be sure to store everything properly, and out of the reach of your pets, and you should be good to go!

Is Vaping around your pets safe?: In short; Yes, as exposure through inhalation results in minimal risk. Though, animals can not ingest any of these products safely and will need veterinarian care.

The Dangers:

The main and most prudent danger that is involved when it comes to vaping and your pets, is actually the e-cigarette liquid, called “e-juice”. The reason for this is that in many cases the juice contains nicotine, which is fatal to most animals. (Not that it's healthy for humans either).

Nicotine is the fatal component of E-Cigarette Juice and Oils: If your pet gets ahold of the juice itself, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible for your pet.

It is important to remember, that this concerns e-cigarette juice, and not cannabis, THC, or CBD oil, for they do not contain nicotine. According to the site The Spruce,

“The toxic dose of nicotine in pets is 1/2-1 mg per pound of pet body weight, while the lethal dose is 4 mg per pound of pet body weight. The type of nicotine (cigarette butt, nicotine gum, etc.) and the size of the animal make it difficult to have a "one size fits all" answer, but in short, according to Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, DipABVP: "a 40 lb dog would get very sick after eating one cigarette but would need 11 cigarettes to die from nicotine poisoning.”

If your pet gets ahold of your juice, or the container it is kept in, there is more than enough nicotine to make your pet extremely sick, or worse. While the vapor itself is relatively safe, the pure juice can be deadly to our pets. Nicotine poisoning exhibits specific signs, as we will discuss. As the Pet Poison Helpline notes, “Home care is not generally possible with nicotine exposure due to the severity of poisoning, even in small doses.” Keeping these devices and refill containers out of pet's reach is always the best course of action.” The best way to stay safe; be responsible.

Recognizing Signs of Nicotine Poisoning in Pets:

According to, “Without treatment, nicotine poisoning can cause muscle paralysis and lung failure. The pet may die because he can not breathe. This occurs just a few hours after ingesting nicotine. The most common symptoms of nicotine poisoning are tremors, weakness, lack of coordination, depression, hyperactivity, lethargy (in high doses), the rapid pace of breathing or breathlessness, excessive salivation, dilated pupils, vomiting, diarrhea, possible attacks seizures and cardiac arrhythmia. A tobacco poisoning diagnosis is usually based on symptom identification, identifying the contextual situations of where the dog might’ve been exposed and/or might’ve consumed products that contain nicotine.

My Pet Got into my Vape Juice! Now what?:

If your pet got into your juice, and it contained nicotine, then you need to seek medical attention immediately for your pet.

  1. Stay calm, make your pet comfortable, and grab your phone.
  2. Call your Local Poison Control Helpline
  3. Call your Local Pet Poison Control Helpline
  4. Call your Veterinarian
  5. Do whatever they tell you to do! Listen to the professionals! Home care is NOT an option!


If you're responsible you’re making sure that your vaping materials are out of your pet’s reach, then you should be good to go! Happy vaping!


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