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Discreet Vape

Discreet Vape

Ladies and Gentleman, the name says it all, Discreet Vape! The one and only company founded for your vaporizing discretion. Discreet Vape prides themselves on being the number one brand for the undercover stoner, and unfortunately in this day and age that is still most of us. At Discreet Vape they realizes that we all can’t roll up to work wearing a 420 fitted while blaring Hits From The Bong from out of the speakers. That is why Discreet Vape helps makes your “lunch break” a little less noticeable to your boss, coworkers, teachers, or whoever.

Undercover Vapor

The name is X, PUFFiT X, the ultimate Vape in disguise. We all LOVE dry herb, of course, but in the days of camera phones and social media we can’t afford to unknowingly advertise it. Discreet Vape specializes in getting you baked, incognito. That is why the PUFFiT X is beautifully designed to look like your typical Asthma Inhaler.  If you are coughing away while puffing on the X no one would be the wiser to your secret weed scheme. Like the PUFFit X, but need a little more break on the buck? Try X’s little brother the PUFFiT Vaporizer 2.


Because being Discreet is more than just their name, all of their Portable Vapes are light enough to carry around, and small enough to fit in your pocket.

Forced Air Vape

All of the products from Discreet Vape come fully stocked with their own personal Forced Air Convection technology.