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11 Ways to Spot a Fake Space Case Grinder. MUST READ (with Pictures)

Aaron Pua

11 Ways to Spot a Fake Space Case Grinder. MUST READ (with Pictures)

Wondering if you just purchased a counterfeit, or inauthentic Space Case Grinder? More and more cases of fake space case grinders are showing up on AMAZON, EBAY, and it's getting harder and harder for space case to regulate. As continue to sell tons of authentic versions of space case grinders on both amazon and ebay we are being constantly bombarded with questions regarding authenticity. So we purchased a fake directly from china and here are our results.

Keep in mind the AMAZON listings we found here actually displays images of a fake space case grinder. The reason that these images are displayed is that any seller on the listing can change and modify images as long as it's approved by amazon. I know, some shady tactics!

Image Amazon listing below shows the FAKE Grinder in all it's glory:

fake space case grinder on amazon

The most commonly counterfeit style is seen above; Titanium 4 Piece Medium.

The diagrams below will help you determine if your spacecase grinder is authentic, or a well constructed knock off. Latest update was 2017. As authorized Space Case retailer we’ve seen tons (all of them) of different models come through our warehouse and put together a list of the top differences with the real and the fake products.

Please note: Not all inauthentic products may look exactly like this. We happened to find one of the top selling ones on aliexpress/alibaba and examined it for your reference. Also, older models may have different writing, colors, but these are comparisons that our team has found.



How To Purchase Authentic Space Case Grinders:

Keep in mind not ALL Amazon sellers are listing their fake grinders. But if you get one it is important that you REPORT those to Amazon to take the listing down.

We sell authentic ones on both our site and on ebay.

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You may link to these images or use them, just link back with credit.. :)

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  • Jacob McVay on

    I really can’t tell if mines real or fake. I got it through Wal-Mart online of all places so I was skeptical at first, but after reading the diagram everything matches to the real except for the fact it came in that black box, and the laser etched scraper tool is painted white, but is in fact laser etched. Then the bottom where the kief sits, the edges I swear are rounded and squared. On top of that it was 134 grams, in between the fake and real weights. The magnet sits flush, the screen is noticeably fine, and the holes are clean cut with no metal. I’m absolutely lost on this.

  • Star on

    Madness comparing a 2017 model with a pre 2017 model.

  • jackson on

    nice diagrams

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