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6 Easy Ways to Spot a Fake Pax Vaporizer. Avoid the PAX 2 SCAM!

There are quite a few differences between real and fake PAX's. I hope this helps you weave out the knock off's or to tell if you got a genuine or fake PAX if already purchased.

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Price... if it's too good to be true it's most likely fake. You go to any head shop and the PAX is always a set price by the company (same as the Volcano, everywhere you look it is the same price. Plus craigslist is scam nation on any product in general I seemed to notice and eBay also greatly increased in the amount of fakes.
Images coming soon!
1) LED display light Intensity - we found the fakes had more of a recessed LED, just didn't sit as flush as the authentic ones.
2) Shake to Display Charge - Authentic units require a light and gentle shake, whereas fakes require much less. 
3) Lettering and Screws
4) Texture
5) Price
6) Packaging
7) Oven Lid

The Differences below are for PAX ONE Models

A real PAX charges without having to pull out the mouthpiece. The fakes make you remove the mouthpiece to put on the charger.

There are color differences between the LED when charging, using, temp settings which I cannot think of all the exact colors for each thing.

Real PAX's outer shell is smooth while the fakes have a cheesy texture feel to it.

The screw on the back should be a torx and not a regular Philips head.

Printed below the real torx screw on the back of the PAX will say "PAX by Ploom, Designed in San Fransisco, Assembled in China."

The serial number under the mouthpiece should not start with PX as that is fake. Also it should be stamped on and not be a sticker or put on looking like anything other than stamped.

No party mode (has to do with a mode the real PAX has which I think is silly but still a way to tell).

The fake PAX's usually come with a 5V output charger when it should be 9V for the real one.

The screen is different between a real and fake, the fake looking cheaper and weird and the real being just visually more legit looking & feeling.

Weight difference with the whole unit. The fake comes in at just about 89g while a original should be right at 96g. EDIT: No significant difference found with Pax 2.

The pictures on the box for the real PAX are crisp, clean and really sharp. Fake ones tend to have slightly blurry pictures along with a difference user guide. ***Believe it or not the user guide included with a fake PAX is better than the genuine PAX one which I find pretty funny***

The PAX has a cleaning kit which they give you. The fakes do not come with the mouthpiece lube while a real one comes with 2 packets inside the kit.

There are more things to look out for which I did not list but I hope from everything I did list - it should give anyone more than enough info to know if it is legit or not.

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