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Vaping vs Smoking The Ultimate Guide

Vaping vs Smoking The Ultimate Guide

What is Vaping?
It is officially defined as the act of inhaling the vapors or fumes of a small device known as an electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or simply e cig. Within the contents of an e-cig, you have several parts working simultaneously together. This is what allows it to deliver a hit of the nicotine-containing flavored water vapor to the user. E-cigarettes are roughly the same size as an average writing pen. It has been around for a little more than 10 years now, although not overly popular until the last 7-8 years.

History of Vape Devices
The first modern device used for inhaling non-tobacco products or substances was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert back in 1967. Gilbert was originally a scrap metal dealer from Pennsylvania. Being a heavy smoker himself, Gilbert tried to find a way to substitute tobacco smoke with something healthier. His patented device used mildly heated, flavored air instead of burning tobacco products. Gilbert’s goal was to find a way of providing the same pleasure and satisfaction achieved by inhaling the hazardous tobacco smoke from a cigarette with a different substance that would be considered healthy. Gilbert’s device was considered a safe alternative to tobacco cigarette products.

This was the year 1967 when alerts and warnings about the dangers of using tobacco products were not very prevalent. Gilbert was trying to find investors at a time when there was a much more solid tobacco cigarette market. In fact, it was not until January 11, 1964, when the Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service released the information about the danger to the lungs from cigarettes. The report first made many people aware of the connection between cigarettes and diseases like lung cancer, throat cancer and chronic bronchitis.

Gilbert’s device had potential but a company willing to fund the production of a useful product never was found. It was not until thirty-nine years later that a useful vape device was introduced and marketed on a wide scale. Today, e-cigarettes are a ten-billion-dollar industry worldwide. Gilbert never successfully made any profit on his patent or with his product.

When did Using A Vape Pen Become Popular?
Now fast forward to the year 2006. This is when Chinese Pharmacist Hon Lik with Ruyan Group, now Dragonite International, invented and then marketed the first modern e-cigarette. Dragonite International assisted Lik with successfully marketing his invention all over the world. Lik’s e-cig was first introduced to the public in Europe where it became very popular. In 2007 some of the first e-cigs began to appear on the market in the U.S. where it was also quite popular. Hon Lik had a personal motive for finding an alternative to cigarettes. Sadly, his father died of lung cancer likely caused by decades of heavy cigarette use.

Also in 2007, two brothers living in the U.K. came up with a way to make e-cigs more user-friendly and therefore more practical. Umer and Tariq Sheikh created the cartomizer. Their invention made it possible to market e-cigs as single disposable units which are very similar to cigarettes containing tobacco. Once their invention started becoming available on the market, vape devices began to skyrocket all over the world.

How does and E-Cig Work?

Within today’s modern e-cigs there are basically 5 parts:

A Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery- This is necessary for delivering power to the atomizer for heating things up.

Atomizer- This small part is basically a heating element and a wick. It is necessary for the purpose of heating up and vaporizing the contents of the cartridge filled with juice inside the e-cig allowing it to be inhaled.

LED Light- Many e-cigs have a light on the end to simulate a regular cigarette. It lights up when the user takes a puff simulating a regular cigarette.

Mouthpiece- The mouthpiece is simply for the purpose of making the user more comfortable placing their mouth on the device while using it.

Atomizer Switch/Setting- Not all vape pens have a setting or even a switch but many do. This setting gives the user control over how much power they use when taking each hit. The switch can be turned way up or down depending on user preference at the time. The higher the setting, the stronger (more concentrated) hit of vapor will be received by the user.

A Cartridge of Juice- Refills can be bought many places these days and there is are a wide variety of flavors available to fill the users craving. As the trend is catching on, the variety of quality juice is becoming available everywhere so that the user never need to be without anything to enjoy.

Microprocessor- Different vape pens have different designs. Some have a microprocessor as the central brain for keeping everything working in perfect sequence and with perfect timing for bringing the user the best possible experience.

One of the best things about vape devices is just how customizable they have become and will likely continue becoming in the future. You can have an e-cig made up of a variety of different parts all put together. The user can have a selection of different styles, sizes, shapes and colors. Many who use e cigs find themselves swapping the parts with their spouse or close friend often to try a hotter burning atomizer or different flavor juice.

Many users prefer using vape pens while on-the-go, but while at home enjoy a larger and more customizable vape mod. Using one at home allows them to enjoy the full experience of the product the way they desire. Vape mod pens come in somewhat larger sizes than e-cigs and have some custom features not available with e-cigs.

Within the e-cig industry, the term “dab” actually means a concentrated material or substance made to be vaporized. A dab pen is a device with many similarities to a vape mod, yet, some differences. It is purely for consuming dabs rather than liquid to be vaporized. Dabs are small concentrated collections of some active material or substance for the user to inhale and enjoy. A dab pen produces heat across its coils allowing the dabs to melt onto a wick that absorbs the product. The wick will get the material hot creating a vapor that the user can then inhale.

A wax pen or wax vape is pretty much the same thing as a dab pen. It is also a device designed to vaporize tiny amounts of a material or substance for the person using to enjoy. After a wax pen heats up, the material inside is vaporized allowing the user to take a hit. A wax vaporizer is basically just another name for a wax pen. A wax vaporizer is capable of vaporizing the substance inside for the purpose of being inhaled.

Today the e-cig user can get all needed components and ingredients needed for any wax vape at a vaporizer store. Vaporizer stores are somewhat of a new trend in today’s society. However, they are gaining at a record pace in popularity worldwide. As more and more people seek to quit using cigarettes, the popularity of vaporizer stores is quickly on the increase. Vaporizer stores are popping up everywhere. This trend will likely continue as the popularity of electronic cigarettes and their counterparts increase.

Convenient and Customizable Vaping Devices
As e-cigs continue to evolve, the goal of many manufacturers is to create a simple and enjoyable e-cig experience for the user. Let’s face it, every e-cig user isn’t going to get the same level of satisfaction from the same product. Just as there are many different brands, types, and strengths of tobacco cigarettes, the current and future goal of e-cig manufacturers is to provide a wide variety of selection for their customers.

Customizable e-cigs are a growing trend everywhere in today’s market. Vaporizers have become quite versatile and can be modified to more closely fit the user’s preference. Now there is the ability to easily alter the style, size, color, and best of all, even the power settings that control exactly how the device operates while being used. Making customization possible in this way has contributed greatly to a fast-growing market within the e-cig industry.

Increased Technology
Another great thing about today’s e-cigs and similar devices is the fact that they fit well with the increased technological age in which we live. Many of the e-cigs on today’s market have a rechargeable battery that can easily be plugged into either an electrical outlet or the USB port of your laptop computer. Most e-cig companies design their products to have their own USB charging cord that will allow you to charge it nearly anywhere you go. If you remember to bring the charging cord and plug with you at all times, you will never be without the satisfaction your e-cig can provide.

E-cigs as a Method for Stopping Tobacco Cigarettes
For so many smokers out there, e-cigs may seem silly at first. Some might even have opinions about the practice being a waste of time and money because it is only flavored water vapor with nicotine. To some longtime smokers, this practice might be viewed in the same category as candy or chewing gum. It is seen as childish.

The truth of what regular cigarettes do to the human body is undeniable in our current day. The hopeful thing about e-cigs is that even if some people think it to be silly or a waste of time and money, it has helped countless multitudes reduce, take a break from or stop using tobacco cigarettes permanently. This is a useful tool now widely marketed and available for smokers to use for effectively stopping tobacco cigarettes.

Again while the effects of e-cigs are not fully known yet but it is by far less damaging to the human body than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Another helpful tool with e-cigs is the user can easily control the strength of each hit received from the device. This feature has allowed many who switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs the ability to gradually lower the strength of the hit they receive. After some time passes they can get to there point where they are not receiving much of the e-cig product with each hit or eventually also quit using altogether. This allows anyone who previously smoked tobacco cigarettes a shot at a much better and healthier life, which is great news.

Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes
Another great thing about using an e-cig over tobacco products is that there is no longer any guilt of exposing others, especially children, to second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke contributes to hundreds of thousands of illnesses and injuries throughout the world every year. Children are often innocent victims of things like asthma, bronchitis and even pneumonia due to second-hand smoke.

Dangers of Cigarettes
Recent research reveals that there are approximately one billion cigarette smokers worldwide. Many of these people have been long-time users of tobacco products and therefore may even be suffering some of the health-related problems from cigarettes. Primarily, throat, lung and hypertensive problems seem to often be at the forefront.

There are, however, a whole host of other health-related risks and problems associated with tobacco cigarettes. Below are some of the more common ailments known to be related to tobacco cigarette usage.

Chronic Diseases
chronic lung disease
acute bronchitis
chronic bronchitis
chronic asthma
gum infection
mouth ulcers
aortic rupture
heart disease
reduced fertility
hip fractures

head, neck and throat cancer
lung cancer
stomach cancer
kidney cancer
pancreatic cancer
colon cancer
bladder cancer
cervical cancer
prostate cancer

Unfortunately, there are a variety of other ailments and diseases related to tobacco cigarettes that are not listed here. In our modern day, the truth about the dangers of tobacco cigarettes is known everywhere. This has greatly contributed to an ever-increasing market of consumers seeking either a way to stop using cigarette products or find an alternative to replace the daily urge to light up.

The long-term health effects of e-cigs are not yet known, however, it is understood at this time that e-cigs are by far, less harmful than traditional cigarettes containing tobacco. E-cigs do contain nicotine which is extracted from tobacco and flavorings added to water vapor for the user to inhale. No tobacco, leaves or anything else is burning or creating smoke, only water is transformed into vapor for the user to inhale. For many users, this simulates smoke and has given them enough satisfaction and will to quit tobacco cigarettes permanently.

Health Risks
The health effects of an entire generation using e-cigs have yet to be seen. The fact is that tobacco contains thousands of chemicals. It doesn’t matter what brand. Tobacco cigarettes are now known to cause many heart and blood pressure problems very soon after someone begins using them. There are also many different types of cancer-related to cigarettes containing tobacco.

It is also true that tobacco can cause damage to every organ in the human body. Male or female, it doesn’t matter. The studies have shown that even though the lungs may not yet exhibit any problems, there is some lung damage early on in the game for anyone who uses cigarettes containing tobacco on a daily basis.

Statistics show that more than one-third of our population in the United States are cigarette smokers.

Tobacco cigarettes are connected to twenty-percent of all deaths in the United States.

Almost seventy-percent of those who smoke say they want to quit and become healthier.

Almost half of the smokers in the United States claim they have tried to quit, but were unsuccessful.

E-cigs are free of using any tobacco products and entirely odor-free. Using one of these devices allows you to have more control of what and how much of the substance goes into your lungs and the rest of your body.

The chemicals and materials that make up the content of e-cigarette cartridges have been shown again and again to be significantly less harmful than tobacco products. With e-cigarettes, you can control your own level of intake from zero all the way up with each hit.

Seventy-Five percent of smokers said they felt more physically fit after they switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.

One-fourth of those who switched were even medically evaluated and found to be in better physical condition after switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.

Cigarettes have a toxic blend of chemicals that are very hard on the human body in every way. The lungs are the first to get hit, then the cardiovascular system begins to see damage much sooner than was previously thought. Tobacco cigarettes create a trail of damage throughout the body with the majority of people, male or female, who continue to smoke cigarettes through several decades of life eventually succumbing to the cardiac, vascular and/or pulmonary issues. The fact is that anyone can stop if they really want, and now there is a new, useful and effective tool to help with the longing for a drag off of that old “cancer stick”.

Giving an E-Cig as a Gift
Another really popular trend that has caught on related to e-cigs is giving them as a gift to someone who smokes tobacco cigarettes. Most like the idea of getting a new little gadget to puff from, not to mention savoring the idea of making a change toward the better, health-wise. For the gift givers, there is no better feeling in the world than knowing they are doing something good for their loved one or friend to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Quitting Smoking
E-cigs are a good step in the right direction for anyone who has the desire to either stop themselves or help someone they care about stop smoking. Try giving an e cig from a vaporizer store as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or any other occasion. It is a good way to convince someone you care about to try quitting those much more harmful tobacco cigarettes that cause strokes, cancer, heart disease and a whole host of lung problems. So do the best you can for yourself or that special person you care about. Help them with making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs. It can be the first step in a new direction toward a healthier life.

While the jury is still out on the overall long-term health effects, e-cigs clearly is still a much healthier choice for anyone to smoke daily. Why not enjoy the wide variety of flavors of juice from which to choose. With the versatility and compatibility of today’s e-cigs and similar devices, anyone can create a pleasant vaping experience for their spouse, fiancee, themselves, their family members or their friends.

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