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Guide to Best Squonk Mods 2024 [Updated January]

Aaron Pua

Guide to Best Squonk Mods 2024 [Updated January]

A new type of Mod is on it's way in! Today Slick Vapes is proud to bring you the ultimate guide to Squonk Mods

Squonking first started becoming popular about a decade ago, when the vaping industry was still relatively young, and typically involves dripping, which was also a relatively new aspect of the area at the time. Dripping is almost precisely what it sounds like, and consists of dripping an e-juice onto an atomizer or homemade coil to increase flavor and vapor production. However, this typically involves constantly dripping the liquid onto the atomizer to continually create the vapor.

The process of squonking was still a relatively difficult process, however, as it usually involved creating a DIY atomizer to enjoy. This changed drastically in 2015 when squonk vape mods began being released onto the market, which has helped to drive its popularity over the past few years. This has led to more and more people purchasing a squonker box mod, thanks in large part to the fact that the products can offer a variety of benefits when compared to typical vapes.

That being said, there are a variety of different products on the market, with the regulated squonk mod market taking up an increasingly large share of the overall vaping market. The sheer volume of these products has led to many people wondering what the best squonk mods are, as well as what the differences between squonking and normal vaping are.

What Is Squonking?

While we’ve mentioned the general process of squonking, many people may still wonder what it is and what’s involved in it. This is the process of using a specially designed squonker box mod and bottom feeding rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) to vape with. These are used in conjunction with an atomizer coil and wick, which are typically included in the majority of vape tanks. The atomizer coil heats up the e-juice, which then turns it into a vapor, which is something that the wick will play a significant part of, although it will need to be saturated with the e-juice to do so.

When you’re squonking, you’ll need to make sure that the wick stays saturated, as it can be somewhat dangerous should it go dry and damage your squonk vape. There’s also the fact that this can negatively affect the taste of the e-liquid, which adds another reason why letting it go dry should be avoided as much as possible. With all of that in mind, many vape enthusiasts may be interested in squonking, although they may not know what to look for and consider when they first begin squonking.

There are a few different things that you should look at when you first start with a squonker and want to achieve the largest benefits possible.

What Is A Bottom Feeding RDA?

We mentioned a bottom-feeding RDA above, which may be something that confuses many newcomers to the area as they may not know what this is. This is made even worse when people talk about the likes of a 510 connection or pin and a variety of other numbers. This shouldn’t be too confusing as the number before the link or pin simply refers to the threaded area that connects a mod to an atomizer, and is something that you’ll need to pay attention to when you’re buying your products.

510 is the standard size for many of these products, which means that you should be able to ensure that each of your purchases works together as long as you stick to this size. A bottom-feeding RDA is simply a rebuildable drip atomizer that has a hollow center pin, which allows you to saturate your wick from the bottom up from the base of the tank, hence the name.

What Is Dripping?

Dripping is something that we’ve mentioned on several occasions already, especially when it comes to an RDA, although many newcomers may be somewhat confused by it. Because of that, it deserves a certain amount of explaining. Dripping typically refers to when a vaper manually drips their e-liquid onto their atomizer while they’re vaping. This can offer a variety of different benefits, although it does have its drawbacks.

Perhaps the most notable of these drawbacks is that you may end up using a considerable amount of your e-liquid during the process, as it can lead to a significant amount of wastage. It also takes a considerable amount of time to get the taste and volume that you’re looking for, which many of us will want to skip. This is where squonking comes in, as it automates the process, which allows you to get all of the benefits of dripping while bypassing the majority of its drawbacks.

What Are Squonk Mods & What Ones Are Available?

Many people might be wondering how they can begin squonking, especially if they already have a vape. The easiest way to do so is by purchasing a squonk mod, which typically includes a battery and a vape juice squeeze bottle. Because the container is squeezable, it means that a squonker can increase the amount of e-liquid that makes it to the wick while they’re vaping. Once the bottle is released, any excess liquid is drained from the wick’s chamber and sucked back into the e-liquid bottle, which is caused by the vacuum that’s created once you stop squeezing.

Any high-quality squonk mod will keep your wick as saturated as possible without running the risk of spitting or flooding. This has the added benefit of preventing any flooding in the wick’s chamber while also ensuring that you don’t waste any of the e-juice. However, this also means that many people will want to know what the best squonk mods are and how they should choose between them. In general, there are two different squonk mods to choose from; pliable and stainless steel, both of which have their own benefits.

A pliable squonk mod will allow you to squeeze the bottle to drive the e-liquid toward the wick, which is the most common way of squonking, as there’s less that can go wrong when you’re adding the liquid. Stainless steel mods are typically seen as a more high-end version, and can often provide much more accuracy when you’re using it, as it includes a pump that can offer more control over how much of the e-liquid is sent towards the wick.

The majority of squonk and vape enthusiasts will choose between either of these mods, depending on their personal preference. Outside of these features, there are a few other features that you’ll need to be aware of, with the most notable being the battery, which will power the atomizer while you’re vaping. In many cases, the mod will include a single 18650 battery, which is the most common way of powering one of the mods.

It should be noted that the battery’s lifespan may not be too long, depending on how much you use it, so you may need to become familiar with the process of changing them.

The majority of squonk mods are considered mechanical mods, which means that they made a certain amount of DIY ability. This shouldn’t be a problem for many vape enthusiasts, although it can provide some issues for newcomers. This is primarily because mech mods require a significant amount of expertise when it comes to resistance, batteries and electrical current, which can be something that not many of us possess when we first start vaping.

Because of that, it’s recommended that you purchase a regulated squonk mod when you’re first becoming familiar with the process. After that, you can begin experimenting with different mods, which you might be able to customize somewhat depending on your needs and overall preferences.

Difference Vs Vape Mods

Many people might be wondering what the differences between a squonk box and a typical vape box is. One of the largest differences is the fact that a vape box is typically a power source for an atomizer while a squonk box is designed somewhat similar to a classical box mod. The majority of squonk boxes are mechanical mods, as we mentioned above, which means that there’s no internal processor to regulate the current flow.

That being said, regulated squonk boxes are available for those who don’t have much experience in vaping, which is why it’s recommended that newcomers choose to start with one of these mods.

There are also a few differences between the two when it comes to the batteries that power either of the mods. Vape mods will typically include a battery – or batteries – and a processor, which may be interchangeable. These are normally considered regulated mods, which means that the processor will control the current being used, which isn’t the case with the majority of mech mods, as they don’t contain a processor. These mods can offer a variety of different safety and technical features that many people will want to take advantage of.

With a squonk mod, there will only be a single battery, normally a 18650. This is because the mod needs to be big enough to accommodate the bottle and the battery, which means sacrificing much of the space battery space. This means that you may need to change it more often than you would with a vape mod. This is further compounded by the fact that many low resistance coil builds will use much more power than some of their counterparts, which may factor into your decision to build the mech mod.

Pros & Cons Of Squonking

There can be a variety of different benefits to squonking, although it does come with a variety of drawbacks. The primary benefit to the practice is that it offers much more vapor and considerably more flavor when you’re using it, which can be areas that many enthusiasts will want to take advantage of. This can make the practice much more enjoyable for long-term enthusiasts, or those who take vaping more seriously than other hobbyists.

Lastly is the fact that squonking can automate the process of dripping, which has often been a time-consuming and laborious task. This is primarily because it meant that vapers would have to continually drip their e-liquid onto the atomizer. Having the process automated also means that you can be much more accurate than dripping, so you’ll waste much less e-liquid when you’re using it.

However, there can be a few notable drawbacks to squonking that many enthusiasts should be aware of before they start. Chief among these is that it can be much more dangerous than using a regulated mod. This is primarily because you’ll need to be experienced in electrical currents and resistance to create a mech mod that is safe, which is something that many of us may not be familiar with.

There’s also the fact that the majority of squonk mods are mechanical, which means that you’ll need to gain a significant amount of knowledge before you’re able to begin creating one. This is especially true if you’re looking to create a high-quality mod that meets your needs. Because of that, it’s recommended that you choose a regulated mod that’s already been pre-built.

Squonking can seem complicated when you first begin vaping, which can also be said when it comes to the rest of the industry. By researching what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re getting the right products for you. Similar to many other products and areas, however, experimentation can often be one of the keys to ensuring that you find the parts and e-liquids that work for you. Because of that, it’s worth looking at the variety of brands and products that are available and seeing what kind of flavors you can choose from.

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