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23 Ways to Spot a Fake PAX 3 Vaporizer! Is My Pax Counterfeit?

Aaron Pua

23 Ways to Spot a Fake PAX 3 Vaporizer! Is My Pax Counterfeit?

Pax 3 Fake Counterfeit Comparison

Wondering if you just purchased a counterfeit, or inauthentic Pax 3 Vaporizer? When sales for popular vaporizers like the Pax see record numbers, it’s the perfect opportunity for overseas manufacturers to capitalize on the market share by producing near perfect replicas. Tons of fake Pax Vaporizers are flooding eBay, Craigslist, and the underground market and if you’re uncertain if your Pax is authentic hopefully the next few slides will help you out.

If you’ve ever wonder how some sellers are listing on eBay WAY below MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)?

eBay Listing: Exhibit A

fake pax 3 ebay

Red Flags: No bluetooth, and well below the usual price of $274.99. EDIT: 249.99 (new pricing)

eBay Listing: Exhibit B

ebay counterfeit pax 3

Red Flags: Pax3 is in Quotes? Pricing 50% Off? That’s well below wholesale pricing not to mention the hefty eBay fees… How could they be making any money??

Let’s cut to the good stuff. We will actually place the boxes side by side to help you determine if your Pax 3 Vaporizer is authentic or a well constructed knock off. As legitimate Pax resellers we’ve seen hundreds of these come through our warehouse so we have a pretty good idea what to look out for.

Please note: Not all inauthentic models may look exactly like this. Also matte colors will have very different box markings, we also haven't seen any counterfeits in circulation. We happened to find one of the top selling ones on AliExpress/Alibaba and examined it for your reference. Also, newer models from Pax Labs, INC may have updated writing, colors, and diction, as well as updated counterfeit models as well. We spoke directly with an overseas manufacturer and the “Bluetooth” functionality is in fact going to be released soon on counterfeit models.


*Edit (May 2018): We found counterfeit Pax 3 kits w/ bluetooth, however we did not pursue purchasing and testing them so we can't confirm.*


Here are some differences that our team has found.

TLDR: We haven't seen counterfeit matte colors yet. Shaking device is much more difficult. Charging bases and cables have noticeable imperfections. Minor grammatical mistakes on the box. Some devices bluetooth may not work.

DISCLAIMER: This only applies to the older GLOSS FINISH Pax 3 complete kit units (Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold). The newer matte finishes are very different in appearance and accessories also may been slightly modified. They now come with mini chargers and a small cloth carrying case.


A: 1. The trademark “®” symbol appears almost microscopic vs the fake box where the “®” symbol which is much more prominent in comparison.

B: 2. These are a bit harder to catch but you’ll notice that the “© 2016” has a space in between.

C: 3. Here another small typo, the words “San Francisco, CA” is properly spaced while it is not on the counterfeit, a tiny but subtle difference here - but really important.

Note: keep in mind at the time of writing this, these are what we found. There may be newer iterations and corrections going forward (especially if they find this post) in which you’ll have to disregard these imperfections and look for new ones.


A: 4. Both the inauthentic versions of the Pax 3 and Pax 2 came in shrink wrap, however, authentic units never did.

B: 5. Looking closely at the image, you’ll notice a small circular clear seal on the boxes. Both the Pax 2 and Pax 3 come with 2 seals to prevent the inner box from sliding out of the sleeve.


A: 6. A larger “VOID” sticker exists on the authentic units.The fake contains a void sticker with more unclear lettering. 

B: 7. This might be something to point out. While we only had one fake Pax 3 unit when testing we’ve noticed that the UPC on most of these come out to be the same on each fake unit. Our particular fake PAX unit's UPC reads: D10M9UXMGV6


pax 3 fake vs real

A: 8. Another small typo here is the lack of spacing between these words: “options,check”
B: 9. More small spacing typos occur here at the trademark and patent. Fake: “®2016” and “Patent:www.pax” vs the real PAX copy which reads: “® 2016” and “Patent: www.pax”
C: 10. Another small “®” on the authentic vs. a noticeably larger “®” on the fake.

pax 3 fake vs real

*EDIT* Please note: There has been changes in authentic packaging and may vary upon the manufacturing time of your device. The information on this page may not entirely reflect authentic vs. inauthentic units 100% accurately as we have seen small variation with authentic units. Please use this guide with discretion. This guide has been out for a number of months so modifications may have been made by counterfeiters to make the packaging accurate.

A: 11. The cut-outs on the fake box are very different. While both boxes are contoured to the accessories, the fake cut-outs also have a rectangular recess. I also noticed that the replacement screens like to move around much more vs in the real box.

B: 12. One of my favorite parts of the Pax 3 is the Multi-Tool, so needless to say I was excited to get another one for my second set of keys, but I digress. the superb quality of the authentic tool allows the metal piece to stay in place even while shaking it on your keys (at least when newish). The replica tool easily falls out of it’s rubber sleeve (our copy was a bit thin for the rubber recess). The replica also has excess rubber on the sides. If you feel we’re getting “pick-y” here, we are. But you just wait.

pax vaporizer fake vs real

A: 13. This one's a dead giveaway. The recesses for the Pax unit, charger, and usb cable are simply sliced to fit, vs a clean molded look. This detail that would never fly at PaxLabs.

pax vaporizer counterfeit vs authentic

A: 14. Worth mentioning here: Fake Pax 3 Serial reads: “JC5FT89M”, please do comment below if you found yours has the same.

pax 3 vaporizer counterfeit vs authentic

A: 15. While BOTH USB cables have the words “PAX” nicely engraved at the end attached to the charging base, However, the orientation of the logo is reversed once actually plugged in. Go figure.

B: 16. If you look very closely at the 2 metal charging contacts you’ll see that there is a small rectangular piece surrounded by the plastic. In the Fake, you can’t find this. The finish is also slightly different. More matte on the left.


pax vaporizers counterfeit vs authentic


A 17: The arrow pointing to the real charging base shows the case being made up of 3 plastic pieces, the smallest piece covering the AC adapter and micro USB holes is rectangular vs circular.

B 18: The bottom of the fake charger has “CE” printed on it while the authentic pax 3 charger has a shiny rubber finish. This was a bit confusing because authentic Pax 2 chargers also had the “CE”. It looks as though PaxLabs did away with the “CE” on the 3 but the imitators kept it. EDIT: The new authentic charging docks has been seen to contain "CE Pax" labelled on the bottom. Also, we found chargers packaged with an older (fake) pax 2 kit with a rubber finish without CE labelled. This method of checking is inconclusive.


While the 95% of the above details are regarding the box, packaging, serial, and appearance, we’ve noticed significant performance differences.

19: Charging issues: while we never had charging issues (except if you plug it into a low voltage charger) I had both units charging and after about 5 hours the fake pax was still trying to get past 1 leaf. I placed the fake pax on the real charger and after a few hours we were fully charged. I wonder if this was just a fluke while testing or a real issue. I’m going to run a few more tests and update here. You may or may not experience this.

20: Shorter Battery life! The fake battery life lasted nowhere near the real one. I had to recharge the counterfeit device after about 3 sessions, and this was brand new unit!

21: Shake to display battery life - So this KINDA works on the bootleg version. I had to give it a really good shake to activate this vs a quick single jolt would work on the authentic version.

22: Bluetooth does not work. Dead giveaway, however, as I have mentioned earlier counterfeit companies will have a new upgraded product with working bluetooth.

23: Overall performance: Honestly, I’m one to give a very fair chance to a generic or copied version of a product. Personally, I’ll take the Kirkland signature/Sam’s choice or the generic fruity O’s without thinking twice. I was excited to test out a bootleg device that replicated the real thing almost perfectly appearance-wise. I mean, ignoring tiny typos and small details, they did a pretty decent job. HOWEVER, when using the device I was disappointed to say the least. The device would heat up and vape okay, but it had a very strange initial taste, almost metallic and plastic flavored. After the first few draws I notice I couldn’t pull any more and the thing was supposedly to be on max heat. It was as if the temperature would not remain constant.

Final Thoughts:

While there is a place for low cost counterfeit products my major concern is that a customer would unknowingly buy one off ebay or craigslist because of all the awesome reviews about the device, take it home, and feel short changed. I know after every time I gave the fake one a shot, I always ended up emptying the bowl into the real pax and finishing off the goods.

Hopefully this guide will help if you or someone you know is unknowingly struggling with a fake pax 3 or counterfeit dab pen.

If you stuck with me through that I thank you! And really let me know what you think by or if there are other notable differences you’ve found, please comment below!

How To Purchase Authentic PAX 3 Vaporizers:

Keep in mind not ALL eBay sellers are listing fake vaporizers. In fact, the majority are real. But if you find one that is questionable it is important that you REPORT them to eBay to help take the listing down.

We sell ONLY 100% authentic PAX 3 and PAX 2 units on our site.

Pax 3 (Complete Kit) 

Pax 3 (Basic Kit/Device Only)

Pax 2

You may link to these images or use them, just link back with credit.. :)

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    • Thomas Gangloff on

      I purchased 1 Pax 3 Complete Kit from Pax Labs that with tax ending up with a final cost of $285.
      I also purchased a Pax 3 Complete Kit with 10 year warranty on eBay from an authorized reseller.
      The article was sent by a friend and his initial suggestion was the go and personally purchase a vape at an authorized vaporizer reseller and have them demonstrate everything before walking out the door. But enthusiasm got the better of me before reading this. I won’t know for sure if they will be authentic until Tuesday when they physically arrive.

    • Jonny Isaksson on

      Yeah great article. Bought my supposedly REAL Pax 3 from the internet instead a looking around. Actually I was so sold on it when I saw it o YouTube. Well my initial sucked and broke after a week. I ended up almost taking down on Pax, the I cross this article and mine was so fake so now I have a broken unit and I lost my 250$. Just start saving a couple a months again to buy the real one :( worst of all I really hate smoking with tobacco:(

    • milan on

      You can also see differences on logos App Store and Google Play. Especially Google Play is quite a lot different.

    • Sid on

      I bought my Pax3 about 2 weeks ago.
      I couldn’t use it right when I bought it but I did charge it and downloaded the Android app from Googles Play Store.
      When I first turned it on it connected right away. I sent it home and when I got home I opened it back up packed it with flower and turned it on then accessed the app but can’t get it to connect for anything! I’ve tried but without success,
      I’m still trying and will let y’all know if I manage to get it to connect back up to my phone?

    • J on

      point 16 might not be valid. As shown in the pax official video (, at 1:18 sec, the charging dock also doesnt have that tiny rectangular thing.

    • Michael Hulak on

      I would like to add. the charger doesnt have the writing on mine

    • GPrime on

      i got mine from vape 180. a reputable store in canada for vapes. i wanted to get more mouth pieces, so i emailed pax for support and sent them a pic of my model. they returned the email saying mine was a counterfeit. this blog says there are no fakes with working blue tooth. well, mine works with my android phone and i can control the temp and whatever from it. it also says when it is connected, turned on, warming etc.

    • Maria on

      I looked at all the photos and when comparing it all my unit should be real. But it doesn’t connect to Bluetooth. I really hope that is just an error/fault with mine and that it is real. I would hate to have bought a fake

    • Leslie De La Garza on

      Awesome little article! Just saved my ass from getting a fake! Well done & thanks ❤

    • Barbara on

      I bought a fake from ebay and was able to tell right away because I have a Pax 2 that I bought from an authorized dealer. I did report them to ebay. I never knew a counterfeit device existed. The fake Pax2 did not fit on the charger. The look was different. The box was a dead giveaway. The flat mouth piece does not activate my original Pax 2 All in all, if you have an authentic Pax, you can tell right away. It’s called a lesson learned. Buyers beware. Thanks for the info.

    • Chris on

      Have you seen the new packaging with the mini charger? This one looks legit and works with blue-tooth but completely different packaging to whats here.

    • Tristan Merchant on

      I got a fake off craigslist :(

      Rip my 150 dollars.

    • Rylan Trafton on

      Hi I blelieve my charger is fake since it has “CE” imprinted on the bottom. Could this mean the whole unit is fake if it didn’t have any other signs you mentioned?

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