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Special Wires For Your Flavorful Vaping Experience

Christian Gem Ruiz

As the community of vapers around the world grows, all that we use in vaping are being innovated. The mods and atomizers in terms of designs, quality and type of materials used, and their functionality. There are more brands of organic cottons were released. Some people called Special Wire Makers widened the choices of vapers on what type of coils they can use to determine their Vaping Nirvana.

There are communities in some Countries that they classified the vapers into two types. One is Cloud Chasers which are fond of blowing thick clouds into the air. The other is Flavor Chasers who prefer flavorful vaping experience than producing thick clouds. These vapers usually use Special Wires such as Clapton Wire, Fused Clapton Wire, Alien Wire, Tiger Wire, Twisted Wire, and many more.

People already released their invented Special Wires around the world and there's already a lot of them to mention. So let's just discuss the most common ones.

First, the Clapton Wire. This wire is made by  wrapping a  single round wire by a thinner gauge  round wire. It looks like a  guitar string. It can produce  more flavor than normal types of  round wires which  we coil as it is. Just imagine the e-liquid  going inside  the core of your clapton wires, what will it give  you  when you already hit the power button? More flavor  of  course!

 Second, the Fused Clapton Wire. This is an innovated clapton wire. This is just a clapton having two core wires. Having more storage of e-liquid inside the coil makes it more flavorful than the regular clapton wire.

Third, the Alien Wire. This is the most famous and one of the most challenging wires to make. Alien Wire consisted of THREE core wires and wrapped with decored clapton to make it more beautiful. Most of the alien wires that were released have low resistance because of its thickness and the type of wires used in making it. But I am 100% sure that this will give you an Extreme Flavor and Vapor experience.

After the clapton family, the fourth is called Tiger Wire. This is one of the most easy to make yet, the flavor production of this wire is also Extreme. It consists of one round wire and one ribbon wire being twisted together.

Lastly the Twisted Wires. It can be dual twisted, triple twisted and so on. It really depends on your preference. This is the easiest to make of them all. It consists of all round wires being twisted together but it definitely gives a fine amount of e-liquid storage inside of it. So when you hit the Fire button, flavor will explode.

So these are the most common Special Wires that the community is using. You can definitely try them. Just ALWAYS keep in mind that building low resistance is not the lone factor of producing thick clouds or producing great flavor. Always follow the battery safety guidelines and the undying Ohm's Law. Have a flavorful and cloudy vaping experience everyone!

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