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Vaper's Tongue - How To Treat and Prevent It

Aaron Pua

Vaper's Tongue - How To Treat and Prevent It

Vaper's Tongue is a condition that affects almost all vapers at some point. You may be suffering from this common problem if your favorite e-juice has become less flavorful. In the most extreme cases Vapers Tongue can completely remove your ability to taste vape juice. 

Thankfully, the condition is not permanent and can be treated. By following a few simple steps you should be able to enjoy your preferred vape juice again. Here's a look at Vapers Tongue and methods for treatment and prevention. 

Explaining Vaper's Tongue 

You've been vaping for quite a while and using the same e-juice every day. Suddenly, your vape pens aren't delivering flavor anymore. You think it might be a problem with the vaporizer or mod, so you switch devices and encounter the same issue. What is happening? 

The most likely scenario is that you have developed Vaper's Tongue. Don't fret. It has happened to almost everyone that vapes, and the condition usually doesn't last very long. You may lose the ability to taste your e-juice for a couple of days, but the worst cases of Vaper's Tongue can last two weeks or more. 

Nothing too serious is wrong with your body chemistry. Don't panic. The issue involves your taste buds. There are thousands of them in your mouth. These taste buds are constantly wearing out and being replaced. About every ten days you get a new set of taste buds. 

Saliva is crucial to the functioning of your taste buds. Vaping can sometimes limit the production of saliva, leading to the old cottonmouth. When your mouth produces less saliva the taste buds have difficulty doing their job, and you then experience a diminished capacity to taste the juices in your vape pens. 

Another factor that contributes to Vaper's Tongue is something known as flavor fatigue. This happens when your sense of smell becomes accustomed to a specific aroma. The olfactory sense in the body serves as a companion to the sense of taste. It helps the taste buds associate the proper taste with certain items. 

For example, take a whiff of a lemon. Did your mouth pucker after you smelled the fruit? That happens because your sense of smell is keying the taste buds to prepare for the lemon taste. The two senses work hand-in-hand, and sometimes the olfactory sense is diminished because it becomes too accustomed to an aroma. 

The Prevention and Treatment of Vaper's Tongue 

There is good news. The prevention of Vaper's Tongue can be accomplished with a little willingness to check out the variety of e-juices at your favorite online vape store. Vary up your flavor selection now and then. By doing this you will keep the sense of smell and the taste buds honest. They won't become too used to your favorite flavor. 

Another way you can prevent Vaper's Tongue is by staying well-hydrated. Remember, the mouth's production of saliva is key. Drink lots of water and cut back on the alcohol and caffeine to conquer dry mouth. You may also be able to find an oral hydration product at an online vape store that will help. 

If Vaper's Tongue develops, try taking a break from your preferred e-liquid for a while. Some vapers find it helpful to switch to a menthol vape juice for a period of time. Cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush can also help to stimulate the proper function of the taste buds. 

Of course, if Vaper's Tongue persists you should seek the advice of your physician. That will help you determine if more serious issues are present.
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  • Nethan Paul on

    I am also vaping from a long time. I have not faced any tongue problem till now. I had vitamin B12 deficiency. After consulting with doctor I started to use vitamin B12 vape pen. I have recovered my B12 deficiency, and I vape regular to fulfill the daily B12 requirement. As I am a vegan, I have found vaping B12 is the easy way to ingest. As you have described, someday I may have the tongue issue. For that thanks in advance for your tips.

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