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The Art of Stealth Vaping

Aaron Pua

The Art of Stealth Vaping

Cloud chasing with your favorite vape mods can be quite fun. However, you may cross paths with certain people who won’t take kindly to thick, obstructing clouds or unusual smells within their vicinity. Certain situations might come up which could lead to inopportune times for cloud chasing or even for simply enjoying your vape normally. Vapers are often treated with the same negativity and judgmental reactions that are often directed towards regular smokers. 

There are ways to avoid or at least mitigate these negative attitudes from non-vapers, and to vape with peace of mind. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by stealth vaping. Or the hottest trending products: discreet 510 vape battery that conceal and hide your vapes.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to vape stealthily.

Consider Device Sizes and Shapes

One of the best ways to hide your vape sessions is to use smaller vape devices. Cig-a-likes or portable vape pens are excellent options concealing the fact that you’re vaping. Other vaporizers have been designed to look like other objects, such as regular pens, pencils, usb devices, and other inconspicuous objects.

Pick Less Attention-Grabbing Flavors

Vaping with strong flavors that smell like tobacco or like similar products can be a dead giveaway that you’re using a vape product. To lower suspicions, use more natural, pleasant flavors such as berry, grapefruit, and mango. These flavors won’t raise much attention as they are quite common scents that many people experience naturally, and people will likely mistake your vape scents for a more typical source, such as an air freshener or a bowl of nearby fruit.

Reduce Cloud Sizes

Even small, nice-smelling vape pens can’t hide the clouds of vapor that emanate from your mouth when you exhale. To prevent or lower the chance of people discovering that you’re vaping, you can try one or more of several strategies for eliminating the vapor cloud, which can be done either before or during the time that you exhale the clouds. One strategy for decreasing your cloud’s size is to let the vapors rest within your lungs for a longer period of time, allowing it to condense inside of them. After a sufficient amount of time, you can exhale using your nose to further reduce the size of any vapors that escape. There’s also a variety of household objects, such as shirts or paper towels, that can be used as filters or screens that can keep the vapor from creating clouds in the air once it’s exhaled.

Act Inconspicuously

Stealth vaping is not just about hiding your vape, vape scents and clouds, but also it’s about regulating your own actions. Most importantly, you have to act as causal (or professional, depending on the situation) as possible. If you’re vaping at work or at a social gathering where vaping is discouraged, then don’t take a ton of vape breaks. When using the vape, cover the device with your hand while keeping one finger over the vape’s tank and mouthpiece so that they’re not revealed to nearby observers. Master the art of taking short draws from your vape pens so that you can easily hold the vapor in your lungs for longer periods, and then take in a lot of fresh air while holding the vapor in your lungs. Afterwards, use discrete ways to exhale the vapor without drawing attention to yourself, as discussed previously in the section on reducing cloud sizes. Follow these steps to inconspicuously vape without fear of being discovered.

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