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How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Aaron Pua

How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Guide to Increase the Lifespan of Your Vaporizer Coils

Vaporizer pens are not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but it's also been shown that it's a whole lot more affordable than traditional smoking products. However, there are ways to make vaping even cheaper. As many people would know, the two biggest costs of vape pens are the juice and the vape coils. This is true regardless of whether they're wax pens of any other kind.


However, regardless of whether you're new to the vaping world or an experienced pro, there may be a number of things you may not know about making your vape coils last as long as possible. Because of that, it's definitely worth taking a look at how you can make coils last as long as possible.


Having said that, it's also worth taking a look at other parts of vape pen maintenance; this is so that you can ensure that not only are your coils lasting as long as possible, but so is the entire vape pen.


Because of that, the best way to make vaping more affordable is by focusing on making these coils last longer. But, many people may not know how to get them to last as long as possible. That doesn't mean that you have to stick with shorter lasting coils, as there are a number of ways to improve their longevity.

clean vape coil

Clean Your Coils Regularly

 Regardless of whether or not you're using wax pens or anything else. Over the course of a few days, your coil will collect gunk which can have a major effect on how long it lasts. Because of that, you should clean your coils on a regular basis. After all, once it's been put in it doesn't mean that you should just ignore it until it's time to replace it.


This will also have the benefit making sure that you're getting the best taste out of your vape pen. With the fact that it will make the taste better and make your coils last longer, it's a shame that many people don't clean their coils as much as they should.


After all, it's not like it's difficult to do. Firstly, you need to ensure that any excess juice has been removed as you won't be able to get it properly clean otherwise. Then, it's simply running the coil under hot water until it's been completely clean. After that, you'll have to ensure that any water has been removed from the coil and it's been dried off.


Next, you'll need to attach the coil to your vaporizer in order to heat it up. Let it cool for a few seconds and then repeat. Throughout this, you'll need to make sure that the entire coil is heating evenly and that there are no issues with water or any gunk.


After that, you'll just need to rebuild your vape pen and you'll be able to continue vaping as normal. Once it's been completely cleaned, you should notice a major difference in taste as the gunk will no longer be affecting the taste. This is why many vape pens tend to taste worse over time until the coils have been replaced.

Avoid Any Burnt Or Dry Vape Hits

 This is a mistake that's relatively easy to make, although it can have a major effect on the life of your vape coils. This happens when you don't have enough vape juice in order to heat the coil correctly. Because of the lack of juice, instead you'll end up heating the wicking material.


Because of that, the material will end up being used up a whole lot faster. As there's only one wicking material in your coil, once this is used up you're going to have to replace your coil. With that in mind, you should always try to avoid any burnt or dry hits.


There are a few simple steps to ensure that you can avoid this. First, you'll need to correctly prime your coil when it's first set up. This is like breaking in a new car, so you'll need to ensure that it can settle into how it's supposed to work before adding the liquid. You'll be able to check your manufacturers priming tips that you should have gotten with the vape pen.


Guy Properly Utilizing the Firing Button on his Vape

Properly Utilizing the Firing Button on Your Vape

 Next, you should try not to over press the firing button. You should use your timer tools in order to ensure that you're only pressing the firing button for the right about of time. You should always pay attention to the taste, as you'll be able to find your pens sweet spot. This will help you to reduce any dry hits once you've stopped inhaling.


You should always wait a certain amount of time between your hits, with most people recommending between three and five seconds. This is because your coil needs to absorb more liquid before it's ready to fire again. Because of that, if there's no waiting period you could end up creating some dry hits.


You should always make sure that you're not running your vape pen on an empty tank, as this is just asking for trouble. Many manufacturers have recommended that you refill the tank when there's about a quarter of the liquid left. Should you go that route, you'll avoid any dry hits and your vape coil will thank you for it.

Stick to Low Wattage Vape Mods

 You should also stick to lower wattages when you're using your vape pen. Unless you're trying to do some kind of trick, there's almost no reason to have the wattage up particularly high. Most manufacturers would recommend sticking between 55 and 80 watts. Sticking to that range means that you won't be missing out on anything, and you won't burn out your coil anytime soon.

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It's also worth learning more about maintaining your entire vape pen, not just your coils. The better maintained you keep your vape pen, then the longer each of its parts will last. While it may take a little bit more time and effort to do so, you'll end up spending a whole lot less money having to replace many of the parts in your pen.

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