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Best Vape Mods for Clouds

best vape mods for clouds mods for vape clouds vape mod

Best Vaporizers for Clouds on the Market

People vape for different reasons. Sometimes it is to help with smoking cessation, others like to blow massive clouds and do tricks with their vapes. Others really just like some of the culture that goes along with vaping.  Other vape specifically to get that nicotine or other substances into their system.  Whichever one you are, you are certain to find vaporizer mods or vape pens that will fit your needs in our list of the 8 best vape mods for clouds. Read on to see which ones suit you best. All of these mods are available online at


DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

 One problem that many people have with their vaporizers or their mods is that they can get to be pretty bulky and cumbersome. It isn’t always a lot of fun carrying those these around in your pocket. The DaVinci IQ puts that problem in the past. It fits comfortably in your pocket, even if you are wearing slim jeans. Not only that, this model is able to burn dry herb in a stylish way.

This model features an easy load ceramic heating chamber. This produces both strong and flavorful vapors in just a few seconds. It also features “smart path technology” which allows you to customize your vaping experience with a precise temperature control system, ensuring the perfect hit every time.


Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Hydrology9 Vaporizer

This is yet another great achievement in engineering in the vaping world. It took countless tries and retries to get this vaporizer right so that it can provide you with the best vaping experience possible. This model features a liquid filtrations system that allows for the unobstructed flow of the vapor through the system.

What’s even better is that it does this while keeping everything leakproof. No one likes have that juice leak out in their bag or pocket. The features that this vape brings to the table are all user-friendly and loading it is very easy. The bottom cap is easily removed, allowing you to add your favorite flavored blends in just a few seconds.


Hydrology9 Vaporizer

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

If you are looking for a vaporizer that brings a sense of class and style to your vaping experience, then this vaporizer is for you. Fans of the Firefly vaporizer have been looking forward to this model for quite a while. And believe me, it definitely lives up to the hype. Different reviewers have touted this vaporizer as giving off more flavorful clouds then the Pax 2. Others say that it is the easiest vaporizer they have used.

What I have to say is that this thing is one of the best-looking vaporizers that I have been able to get my hands on. Not only that, but it also features more temperature settings than you can shake a stick at, and it heats up faster than most competitors. And you are absolutely going to love the extended battery live that these vaporizer mods bring to the table.


Firefly 2 Vaporizer

Pax 3 Vaporizer

 The Pax 3 vaporizer builds on its previous entries in order to bring a vaporizer that anyone would be happy with. It is especially loved when purchased in the complete starter kit, which features a concentrate insert and a multi-tool that will help with anything you need to do with this mod. It also features 2 oven lids, one normal and one-half Pack, as well as two mouthpieces with one being raised and the other being flat. That is definitely something to keep in mind if you share your vape.

This kit also features a maintenance kit to ensure that you are able to keep vaping, a charging dock and cable, and even 3 PAX screens. I think sending 3 screens with this kit was an excellent choice, especially since this is the PAX 3.


Pax 3 Vaporizer (Complete Kit)

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

 If you are looking for a powerful vaporizer that makes some of the best clouds via the use of your dry herb, then look no further then the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. This thing is definitely a beast. It is able to maintain an excellent temperature and features a rapid heat up time. It also features a bright display and ergonomic grip that never gets too hot to the touch.

One of the best things about this vaporizer is how easy it is to clean. The glass aroma tubes simply need to be soaked into an alcohol solution. Simply use a resealable plastic bag to soak them overnight and then you are ready to go in the morning.


Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

 This is one of the more unique looking mods on the market. It’s sleek and curvy design are definitely eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, this model features ceramic induction cups that are able to take either wax concentrates or even dry herbs.

This model also features a near instant heat up time, which many of you out there are sure to fall in love with. Not only that, but it also has up to 25 different heat settings. This means that you are going to be able to find the setting that makes the perfect clouds for you. I mean, everyone likes their vape set a little differently, so having this option is wonderful. If you are purchasing this vape at, then use the code DABBER10 to get 10% off when you check out.


Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

 This is the first of the vape pens on the list. Not many people think that you can get decent clouds out of a small vape pen, but that just isn’t the case. If it was, this would never have made our list on the best vape mods for clouds. This model features an all ceramic heating chamber and an integrated loading tool referred to as “the dart.” This highly engineered design also features a more enhanced airflow over its competitors, which helps contribute to those big thick clouds.

The multiple heat settings allow for you to toggle between different options for different people, that is if you share. If not, then you have a variety of heating options to choose from to make sure you get the perfect hit when you want it or need it. The premium finish also makes this look exceptional. You could probably stick this in your shirt pocket and no one would be able to tell it is what it is.

Puffco Plus Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

 This is the second vape pen on the list today, and it is our second entry from Dr. Dabber. There are some impressive features on this pen that put it above many of its competitors. For one thing, the integrated SnapTech technology features the use of magnets. This means that you won’t have to worry about those messy screws and connections anymore.

The temperature is also adjustable with the included 3 setting battery with variable voltage. Faster heating is also achieved via the use of the dual coil atomizers. This means that you can reach its peak temperature in less than five seconds.


Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer

The Final Word

 The vaping market has been flooded with products in the years since vaping has really grown in popularity. This list is by no means the end all beat all in vaping products, but it is a great place to get started. If you are interested in more vaping products similar to this one, then I highly recommend you go check out There you can find even more mods, as well as what you need to put into most of them.

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